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Youth Now on Track

Services Provided

The Challenges

Eminent Media Inc supported the roll out of YNOT “Youth Now On Track”, a program focused on helping the youth make a difference through creating opportunities for self-improvement through sound education, community involvement, employability training and implementing strategies designed to recognize youth potentials and reward excellent community service. The event involved various leaders whose main aim was to empower youths to come out as independent in future as well as live positive lives.


Being a charitable organization, YNOT was faced with trying to raise money for the organization so as to meet the needs of the kids that were being supported by the organization for a brighter future, as well as trying to sell out the event to reach as many people as possible whose attendance would help raise funds for the organization. Eminent Media Inc came through to help in creating awareness about the YNOT awards through its social media which helped to increase awareness about the organization and the event that was to be held in Toronto, Canada.

Our Approach

Eminent Media Inc worked in conjunction with YNOT, connecting them with the network that would help in the selling out of the event as well as promoting the event to be a successful one. The services that Eminent Media Inc gave to the YNOT event included;

Public Relations

Eminent Media came through to bring up a strategic communication process that helped YNOT build a mutually beneficial relationship with the public as well as helping YNOT as an organization strengthen its relationship with the public and meet their needs. Eminent Media Inc was also incharge of managing communication and inviting a high level of network that saw a successful event. Also the event got recognition from great names in Canada including; The Rt. Hon. Justin P.J. Tradeau, M.P. Prime Minister of Canada, Honourable Judy A.Sgro, Privy Council, MP Humber River – Black Creek, John Tory, Mayor of Toronto and Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. All these recognized and congratulated the awards recipients and all those who participated, encouraging them to keep their stars shinning.

YNOT Dinner Awards

Eminent Media Inc in conjunction with YNOT hosted a potential recognition dinner party at the LA Victoria Banquet Hall in Toronto. The party was aimed at recognizing youths who showed great achievement in their works. The awards also acted as a learning spot on how youths can develop their social life skills so as to take responsibility for their future development.

Messages From Leaders

Social Media Campaign

Overall, our media relations efforts for the Youth Now On Track event garnered more than 60k Facebook ad impressions as well as more than 40k Instagram connections. This enabled a great selling of the event that saw a huge turn out during the event.

The Result

Eminent Media Inc is privileged to take part in the achieving of the YNOT awards that helped in the marketing of the event as well as creating good public relations with those who were participants in the awards. Social media campaign, media relations and event and the marketing of the event which was also done by Eminent Media Inc saw the success of the event through the widespread awareness throughout Canada, leading to a huge turn up of participants and audience.

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