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Already an established player in the transport sector on a global scale, Yango has quickly
secured a position on the African continent as one of local leaders. After expanding broadly
throughout the CIS, Middle East and Europe, including in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Israel, Finland,
and other countries, Yango turned its view in 2018 to Africa, starting with Cote d’Ivoire and
Ghana. Both countries proved to be a great success. Yango is a ride-hailing service that gets
people where they want to go quickly, safely, and affordably. It operates in over 600 large cities
across 17 countries around the world.
Yango is a business model built on collaborating with local registered taxi companies and
helping them and their drivers increase efficiency through technology. The company believes
that business management with Yango is easier thanks to proprietary digital products and
technologies, and because the service provides a personal account manager for each client.
Yango features smart mapping, routing, and navigation technologies and harnesses machine
learning for its order distribution system. This combination shortens the time drivers spend
looking for passengers, picking them up, and dropping them off.

One of Yango’s main benefits to the African market is its proprietary technology for more safe
and convenient rides. Besides constantly improving its own mapping and routing system, and
providing passengers with safety features like the option to share routes with trusted contacts,
the company is always on the lookout for new experiments and features based on the
experiences of people in each country where it operates.

The Challenge

Despite being a ride company that has offered great services to its target market, Yango has
faced some challenges like safety questions, map and route sharing between customers and
drivers in its marketing world which have made it seek advice and help from a marketing
company that has helped it approach its clients as well as every passenger yearning for a safe
and convenient ride despite their destination and time of travel, and having the best service
offered to them. It is due to this reason that Yango approached Eminent Media Inc., to give its
best service in influencer marketing to Yango. Some of the influencers involved in marketing
Yango included Efia Odo, Kalybos Aaron Adatsi, Umu Salma Mumin and Dance God.


Eminent Media Inc. helped increase the brand awareness of Yango to various target audiences
through the Yango Influencer Marketing campaign held during the festive season as a giveaway
campaign partnership with Africa O’clock info.
EMI helped Yango to get influencers who used social media to post one video of 10 of the best
giveaways to Yango drivers, create Instagram stories ask fans to join and thanking all Yango
drivers as well as wishing then a Merry Christmas. The influencers also posted the video for a
month and influencers to put the Instagram posts to be in collaboration with Yango Ghana.

Logo Design

As a name in the transport sector that needed to stand out, a logo was one of the ways to
attract customers. Yango approached EMI to help the company design a logo that was unique
and would stand out from its competitors, as well as help attract more customers.

The Outcome

The campaign helped increase popularity and boost brand awareness, generate high quality
and engaging followers to client’s profile on various social media channels, as well as boost
online orders for Yango drivers. The Yango app as well helped share a route with friends, clients
request several cars on a single phone, as well as find alternative pickup points to reach your
destination faster and at a lower price.


Here's the team that worked to build Yango to a renown brand in it's industry.




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