Windsor International Diaspora African Festival (W.I.D.A FEST) is a Canada based festival that celebrates the culture, creative history and traditions of African and African Diaspora communities in the city of Windsor, Canada.

The Challenge

W.I.D.A FEST initially struggled with gaining visibility within the target audience. The festival needed effective marketing to create awareness among both the local African Diaspora community and the general public in Windsor. Theirexisting website did not effectively convey the vibrancy and significance of the festival, and their branding materials like flyers needed modernization to appeal to a broader audience.

Hurdles to Clear

Through meticulously planning, leveraging expertise in various domains, and staying adaptable, Eminent Media INC. worked to overcome these hurdles and contribute to the successful execution and promotion of W.I.D.A FEST. This involved continuous communication with stakeholders, data-driven decision-making, and a commitment to honoring and celebrating the richness of African and African Diaspora cultures.

Services Provided

Our Approach

To address the difficulties experienced by the Windsor International Diaspora African Festival (W.I.D.A FEST), we created a complex strategy. Our objective was to increase the festival's effect and audience while forging a close relationship with them. Through employing a comprehensive marketing strategy and ensuring a smooth website redesign, we ensure to ease the user experience of consumers

Media Relations

Eminent Media INC. created comprehensive media kits that included high-resolution images, background information on W.I.D.A FEST, quotes from organizers, and other relevant content. We constantly monitored media channels for any mentions of W.I.D.A FEST. This allowed us to gauge the effectiveness of our media relations efforts and to share any positive coverage through W.I.D.A FEST’s social media channels for further amplification. Through these media relations efforts, Eminent Media INC. aimed to create a buzz around W.I.D.A FEST, increase its visibility, and position it as a landmark cultural event.

The Results

Through targeted social media campaigns, email marketing, and media relations efforts, we substantially increased awareness and visibility of W.I.D.A FEST among both the African Diaspora community and the wider public in Windsor and surrounding areas. Our social media marketing efforts resulted in a significant growth in engagement levels across W.I.D.A FEST’s social media platforms. The redesign of the W.I.D.A FEST website and creation of vibrant branding materials contributed to a more professional and engaging brand image. By achieving these results, Eminent Media INC. played a pivotal role in the success of W.I.D.A FEST, helping it achieve its objectives of celebrating and promoting the rich cultural heritage of African and African Diaspora communities in Windsor, Canada.

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