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Wangari Njathi


Digital Economist, Marketing Consultant, and African Social Architect

Wangari Njathi is a Doctoral student pursuing Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media. With 8+ years of multidisciplinary work experience in Mobile Phone & IT Industry, Renewable Energy, Non-Profit Organization, Media & Advertising, her research interest lies in digital media and mobile communication. Her notable expertise is in Marketing Communications, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Communications Strategy, Business Development, Budgeting, Account Development in building sustainable brands. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing(CIM) and Google Certified Digital Marketer. Some of the various services Wangari Njathi offers include; New Product Launch, 360 Degrees Marketing Strategy, Marketing Coaching & Mentorship, Market Research & Insights, etc.

Armed with a passion for development studies for Africa, her research interest lies in Emerging Digital Economy, Emerging Technologies, Digital Media, Financial Inclusion and Mobile Communication. She currently teaches Communication 392: International and Cross-Cultural Communication. Wangari Njathi has been responsible for helping companies with market research and insights on how they can effectively communicate with their customers through sharing the ideal communication direction and support in implementation of all proposed activities, as well as Product Development and Innovation, Brand Strategy & Positioning and Sales & Distribution Strategy for various brands in the market industry that have gone ahead to become mega names in the industry.



As one of the major names in Africa’s world of Digital Economy, Wangari Njathi definitely needed an outstanding logo to communicate to potential clients about her services and also reflect that she does great work. Eminent Media Inc. definitely came through to achieve this by creating her logo by using the first letters of her two names, which came out incredible.


As Social media is an integral part of building and maintaining a brand image, Wangari Njathi chose Eminent Media Inc. for being responsible for handling of her social media. As social media users are engaging with visuals on Instagram, getting their breaking stories from Twitter, connecting with their family or attending virtual events on Facebook, Wangari Njathi’s brand needed social content creation, community engagement, influencer outreach, and more because she has a large number of active followers and still wants to grow her number of followers. Eminent Media Inc. was part of the overall strategy and hands-on methodologies that Wangari Njathi used to expose her services. You know that you need to have a strong presence on social media, it’s where all your customers hang out. You understand its importance and the potential it packs in terms of bringing new business and increasing brand awareness.


AS a Digital Economist and Marketing Consultant, Wangari Njathi definitely needed a website that would share a story of who she is and the services she offers. Eminent Media Inc. came in handy to do this through the creation of Wangari’s website where Wangari’s various services as well as achievements were shared; As a Digital Economist, Wangari Digital Economist Championed the launch of Silicon Valley Obi Mobiles smartphone by John Sculley into East Africa hitting sales worth USD 1M of 10,000 devices in less than six months in Kenya with zero advertising budget. Actively pushing sales in over 800 retail outlets via visibility plans, key trade relationship management, branding, trade activations, incentives and merchandising. As a Marketing Consultant Led, developed and implemented first ever Go-To-Market plan geared towards achieving CFBE (Cash flow break-even) in 2018 for Pawame, a solar energy start-up based in Kenya. Part of the plan included a revamped referral program that increased sales lead generation by 20% through network marketing, digital media platforms, NPS (Net Promoter Scores) & market intelligence


Media tours have traditionally allowed business leaders to attract diverse attention for new products or services. Eminent Media Inc. played a vital role in arranging and seeing Wangari Njathi’s media tours come out successfully so as to attract more clients in the world of business development and Digital Economy. Wangari Njathi in the world of Business Development managed to move company billing target from USD 8M to USD 13M within a period of 9months. On boarded new clients such as INTEL, Philips, Kenya Commercial Bank whilst growing existing business such as Safaricom.


Through all the services offered by Eminent Media Inc., Rachael Njathi has been able to grow her following and number of clients who need her services from the world of Digital Economy.

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