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Venissa Bruce


Actress, Activist, Brand Influencer

Venissa Bruce is an actress, activist and international model based in Canada with a Jamaican Nationality. Venissa has been engaged in several TV commercials as a model which included; Fitness Athletes, Aroura Housing, Power House Castings, etc. Apart from her modelling bit of her life, Venissa has also engaged in acting training for camera workshops as well as being an acting coach. Some of the movies that Venissa Bruce has been engaged in include; Turkey Drop, The Truth about Christmas, Christmas by the Books, etc. She also creates fun comedic content for her YouTube channel. As a model, some of the brands she has represented include; Adidas, Bush Balm, etc.

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As a model and actress, our mission as Eminent Media Inc. was to bring more brand awareness to Venissa Bruce that would drive in massive attention to her as a brand, therefore attracting attention from potential clients who would be in need a model or potential actress. So what exactly did Eminent Media Inc. do to ensure that Venissa Bruce grew as a brand? Have a look;

-Logo Designing
-Website Design & Development
-Social Media Marketing


As a brand in the acting and modelling industry, Venissa’s services had to be brought out to the world therefore marketing strategies were needed to overcome the hurdles created by the rivals. A memorable business logo design became a handy tool for her to attract potential client. This was achieved by Eminent Media Inc., through unique logo design for Venissa Bruce as a brand. This logo was placed on clothing such as sweaters and jeans.


As an actress and a model that was already out there and had some few followers, our role was to see the number of clients and followers shoot. A website sets the first impression to clients, sets the impression for customer service, boosts trust and brand consistency. It is at this website also where Venissa’s contacts of how she could easily be reached out to for booking were shared, therefore making it easy to reach her. Eminent Media Inc. was responsible of creating Venissa’s website to ensure all the above were met, as well as being in charge of managing of the website.


With the growth in social media usage in the world of marketing today, Social Media has played a prominent part in ensuring increased brand awareness, driving traffic to website, boosting brand awareness, customer engagement that enables a brand be aware of what the customers love and appreciate about the brand, as well as what should be improved of the brand. Eminent Media Inc. has been responsible of handling of Vanessa’s social media like Instagram, You Tube to ensure increased brand awareness.As a Digital Economist, Wangari Digital Economist Championed the launch of Silicon Valley Obi Mobiles smartphone by John Sculley into East Africa hitting sales worth USD 1M of 10,000 devices in less than six months in Kenya with zero advertising budget. Actively pushing sales in over 800 retail outlets via visibility plans, key trade relationship management, branding, trade activations, incentives and merchandising. As a Marketing Consultant Led, developed and implemented first ever Go-To-Market plan geared towards achieving CFBE (Cash flow break-even) in 2018 for Pawame, a solar energy start-up based in Kenya. Part of the plan included a revamped referral program that increased sales lead generation by 20% through network marketing, digital media platforms, NPS (Net Promoter Scores) & market intelligence


From Eminent Media’s engagement in creating brand awareness of Venissa Bruce as a brand in the acting and modelling industry, Venissa’s numbers of followers in social media have hit, as well as the number of clients who come out seeking her excellent services.
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