Twiga Home Support is an institution dedicated to providing unique healthcare needs to diverse clients at the comfort of their homes. The company delivers services to clients referred by health care facilities, physicians, family and friends.

With core values of honesty, loyalty, competency, integrity, compassion and confidentiality, just what any client would desire to get from a company or a group taking care of them during those times when their health seems to be going down the rock or even age kicks in with its challenges and there is no one to take care of the client, Twiga Home Support will be there to achieve the needed errands.

The services offered at Twiga Home Support include; companionship, family respite, help in promoting independence, activities of daily living assistance, among others.

Services Provided

Logo Design

A logo speaks so much about a brand or a company and Twiga Home Support also had to have a unique logo to speak out about it just by a mere look. EMI was in charge of the designing and creation of the Twiga Home Support Care Services logo that speaks of tender care from the heart and hands that take care of its clients, as well as unity.

Brand Consultancy

A brand consultancy team can provide the impetus that really makes your brand work. We at Eminent Media Inc. not only ensure that you’ve got the right pieces in the right places, but we also work with you to improve your brand awareness strategy, encourage customer engagement, and maintain performance. We helped Twiga Home Support in their brand messaging or communication campaigns.

Web Design

If only given 15 minutes to consume content, only 60% of people would prefer to see something beautifully designed, versus something plain and simple. Your website’s design is an important part of your online marketing presence. Twiga Home Support Care was not left behind in this digital world to ensure it reaches out to a higher percentage of clients who would desire that good care given to them as right at the comfort of their homes.

Through the website, one can get more details about what Twiga Home Support through the background details given through the website. Through the website also, a client can book an appointment by filling a form, making a call to find out more details about the services they’d love offered, or even send an email for enquiries. EMI was involved in the designing and creation of all these, to ensure easy communication between the client and Twiga Home Support.

The Outcome

The website has helped reach out to over 60% of clients who require quality home care and home support services who have come out to have good care given to them and ensuring improved lives.


Here's the team that worked to help Twiga Home Support Care continue making impact.






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