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Travel with Nashipae is a tour and travel company that designs exquisite tours and safari packages that fits tourist interests, from the budget to the luxury. It is a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with Kenya’s spectacular scenery. The firm organizes packages of safaris to Kenya’s best destinations including; Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Tsavo e.t.c.


the challenge

Successfully maintaining a good position in the highly competitive tourism industry requires both operational excellence and a commitment to delivering a superior travel and tourism experience. That’s why Travel with Nashipae tasked Eminent Media Inc with not only retaining its current high value customers, but also winning the hearts and minds of new customers in its tourism places. Eminent Media Inc gave support to Sinja Stotzner, who was given a local name, “Nashipae”, a German citizen who came to Kenya to explore the beauty of Kenya and Africa in general so as to help tourists or volunteers from Germany who stopped by in Kenya for the first time and wanted to explore the beauty of Kenya and had no idea what places to visit.


Eminent Media Inc organized interviews in various local stations that saw Travel with Nashipae become a well-known brand by local tourists, as well as helping them know what sites they could visit according to the financial budget they had.


Eminent Media Inc worked together with the Travel with Nashipae company to ensure that the company became a well-known travel organization to tourists, both local and international who yearned to feed their eyes with the various beauty of the nature sites in Kenya that would fit their preferred budget.

Eminent Media Inc helped to build the Travel With Nashipae brand through designing and creating the Travel With Nashipae letter head and business card where all the contact details of the Travel with Nashipae travel organization was found and would make tourists find prominent details.

Eminent Media Inc also organized how the brand is going to receive the visitors who came to Kenya and chose to Travel with Nashipae around the eye-catching sites in Kenya.


The Travel with Nashipae organization turned to Eminent Media Inc to create a marketing campaign to announce the partnership and show that the brand was committed to delivering expansive and inspiring travel experiences. The Eminent Media Inc team created a campaign that spoke to Nashipae’s following without alienating our more traditional followers. We also

came in handy by helping the company to design and make the business cards that would be given to both local and international tourists and volunteers who came by and could have a company to call in case they needed to have a travel experience in the various breathtaking tourist sites that Kenya has.


These travelers gravitate toward the unexpected and once they find it, they want to share it on social channels. We developed social marketing strategies and campaigns for Travel with Nashipae, ensuring the Travel with Nashipae brand became well known by giving content to online sites and blogs about the company to be put up for their readers hence leading to flow of traffic on these sites.

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