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The Challenge

Having many children in Kenya who urgently need support in terms of education, healthy diet, good health care due to their parents being unemployed or not having good jobs that can make them able to provide the above needs for their children as well as some love and care, the Jiamini Day Center, a community based organization in Kenya that fights for the rights of socially disadvantaged children and offers protection and tranquility in its premises, came in conjunction with Eminent Media Inc to support the publicity of its Jiamini Children’s home which was founded in August 2014 by Sinja Stötzner and Josephine Mwangi. In September 2017, the Jiamini CBO organization founded a day center, where every child exercises their right to general education, a healthy diet, safety and loving care. The aim is to enable them to live an independent, happy and life.

“Jiamini”, is a Swahili word which means believe in yourself or trust in yourself. 

Eminent Media Inc came through to offer a helping hand to Jiamini Children’s home through making the organization famous on its social media pages.



Jiamini Children’s home main aim on being founded was to help children the children have a better future. Being a charitable organization that aimed at helping the needy children of Kiandutu in Thika, Jiamini Children’s home did not have enough funds to help achieve this. The children’s home was aimed at achieving quality education, giving them a comfortable facility to stay as well as good health.

Sinja therefore stepped in to raise the funds to help the children and this was done through the Travel with Nashipae organization, an organization that had tourists who came to visit Kenya from Germany where Nashipae was from and the funds raised through Travel with Nashipae were the ones used to sponsor the children at the Jiamini Children’s home.


Organization Awareness

Eminent Media Inc came in handy by helping the brand, Jiamini be known through creating a website for the home as well as helping the Travel with Nashipae company to attract more tourists who in the end came to visit Kenya and give back to the needy children in the Jiamini Children’s home.

Eminent Media Inc also helped in organizing how the Travel with Nashipae organization would receive the visitors who came through to promote the Jiamini Children’s Home organization.

To make the foundation known, Eminent Media Inc also designed the business card for the foundation that had the details of the foundation like the phone number, e-mail and website that visitors could use incase they wanted to communicate with the foundation.

Jiamini Children’s Home Principles

Eminent Media Inc came together with Jiamini Children’s home to help spread its principles in an easier way to the huge number of followers.

Education is also one of the organization’s most important principles. All of the children cared for by Jiamini go to school or complete an apprenticeship. The children are looked after by the organization until they can be able to take care of themselves.

Media Relations

Eminent Media Inc planned the media interviews that Sinja would hold in various local media stations to make her “Travel with Nashipae” brand famous. It is here that the various sites that Nashipae would take tourists were brought to their knowledge. Also during these interviews Sinja made her fans to know about the Jiamini Children’s Home where she took care of children whose parents could not take care of them.

Social Media Management

Eminent Media Inc worked to make sure Jiamini Children’s home was known in the social media. This was done through sharing Jiamini’s social media pages during the campaigns held for it as well as creating content for the Jiamini Children’s home pages on Eminent Media’s social media pages. We also created branded content for the children’s home to bring its awareness and drive donators to come through for the program and also health related posts that the home did to shed light on the importance of healthy habits to the children in the home.

The Results

Eminent Media Inc is honored to contribute to the growing success of Jiamini Children’s home through its media relations, event marketing, video activation and social media campaigns. All these worked together to generate nationwide awareness and contributions for the growth as well as support of the children’s home from a good number of people in Kenya, as well as the international and national tourists who were taken on their tour travels with Travel with Nashipae. Working with Eminent Media Inc, Jiamini children’s home was able to provide a daycare center for needy children in Thika where they could be provided with a healthy diet and somewhere they could call home.

A good number of children have had their education sponsored by Jiamini Children’s home and are doing well. The children have also been provided with good health care. The children have also been encouraged to wash and brush their teeth daily, thus paying attention to their health hygiene. Talent growth has also been developed by Jiamini through holding sports event where the children compete with each other to nurture their talents like through football.

Jiamini has not only looked after the children, but also their guardians with an aim of leading the children’s guardians into self-employment so that they can be able to take care of the children themselves also and live a better life.

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