If you’ve been to the city of Vaughan, ON Canada, and are an outgoing person, a lover of music, some cocktails as you catch up with friends, you’ve definitely heard of Toop Lounge or even visited this upscale, luxurious style Lounge. Toop Lounge is ideal for cozy conversation, impromptu celebrations and late night shakers and champagne celebrations.

Services Provided

Flyer Design

Eminent Media Inc. came at the fore front in the designing of Toop Lounge’s flyers during its grand launch at the 31st of December last year so as to ensure the message of awesome food, drinks, and a serene environment of linking up was available in Vaughan.

Embracing style, music, art and fashion in an impressive heritage building, Toop Lounge is a destination for those seeking refuge from the main. Boasting an extravagant vintage design, Toop Lounge teases the senses with a lavish and mature drinks and food menu. Now who wouldn’t want to fulfill their stomach and heart’s desires with what they crave for? Everyone. Right? And to do this, the right marketing procedures have to be met so as to attract those customers. This is where Eminent Media Inc. came in to help Toop Lounge reach a wider target audience:

Logo Creation

In order to achieve favorable business results, current business conditions require not only a quality gastronomic offer and professional service, but also the constant and targeted promotion with the aim of making the potential guests conversant with the offer, while reminding the regular ones of the provided quality and informing them of new services related to the restaurants’ activity and offer, in regards to meeting the guests’ needs and wishes. This marketing concept has undergone significant evolutionary changes over the last few years, Logo designing being one of them.

Logo design and the overall visual identity is a very important item for image building and brand positioning in the consumers’ mindset. The brand must motivate, move to action, evoke emotions and associations and create trust within the target audience.

Web Design

A well-designed web page can help restaurants to develop brands and attract new clients.

Toop Lounge granted Eminent Media Inc. with the purpose of doing that so as to reach out to more guests and creating unique brand pages through the website pages like pages on table booking where visitors intending to visit the lounge as a normal or VIP visitor could make a table booking by filling out a form and choose the date when they intended to visit the lounge.

The website also contained the timing when the lounge would be open, with the VISIT THE BAR and HAPPY HOUR Open Hours citing as from Tuesday to Thursday 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm, and Friday to Sunday from 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm, and also what drinks are there to be enjoyed by the Loop Lounge clients at their visit; from Vodka & Rum, Whiskey, Cognac, Champagnes, Tequila, Beer, name it! None of their clients lacks something cool in their glass to quench their thirst, and orders can also be made online.

Bar Menu Invitation Design

Catering managers their menus more innovative so as to be able to respond properly to modern trends and create or meet the offer that is in accordance with the guests.

EMI was involved in Toop’s Restaurant innovativeness: Restauranteurs should broaden the offer of dishes made with ingredients perceived by guests as healthy, such as whole grain cereals, organically grown food, low-energy and low-fat and gluten-free food. Healthy diet trend and consumers’ knowledge about the connections between nutrition and health have led to an increase in consumption of the foods offered at the restaurant.

Eminent Media Inc. came up with designing the menu of Toop Lounge’s in order to make it easy for their visitors to choose whatever it is they wanted due to the easy arrangement of the menu and also their price.

Business Card Design

Despite all the technological advancements, business cards are still irreplaceable. Business cards are part of the branding exercise that marketers take up to beat the competition. The cards help in giving out personal details like the telephone number, email address, it’s a marketing and networking tool, creating a good first impression.

Most company officials keep some cards in the pocket and hand out the cards to potential clients. Eminent Media Inc. was responsible for the designing and creation of Toop Lounge’s business card, which has helped reach more potential customers.

The Outcome

Through Eminent Media Inc.’s marketing strategies, Toop Lounge saw a rise in the number of clients who showed up for the various entertainment events at the lounge as they enjoyed the various foods and drinks offered at the lounge. The marketing strategies saw an increase in over 40% of clients showing up at the lounge.

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Here's the team that worked to build the Toop Lounge brand in the media Industry.



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