The Challenge

Riverwood has had a great challenge from the start to atleast try and grab the attention of most movie lovers. For a long time, all the attention and praise has been going to Hollywood for it being famous of producing most of the movies. Eminent Media Inc engaged Benjamin Onyango, a kenyan born Hollywood based actor in the premier as well as the marketing of “ The Wives” series where he was one of the main actors.


Our most difficult challenge was trying to convince Benjamin Onyango to come and deal with Riverwood yet he is dealing with Hollywood. 

Our Approach

To build awareness and have the launch of the series widely exposed, Eminent Media Inc planned media tours which Benjamin Onyango took part in. He was able to participate in interviews at Kubamba Radio 91.6fm, Family media TV, and also a live interview at Ebru TV, a kenyan local T.V station. Eminent Media were the official publicists of the series, “ The Wives”. The series was premiered at Anga Sky Cinema’s. The premiere hit the media and was hit as successful.

The Outcome

The Wives premiere was termed as successful and had most movie lovers have a positive attitude towards the black actors in the Film Industry. Benjamin Onyango’s works also inspired mant youths who wanted to venture in the film industry that they could actually come out a s successful.

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