The Background

Fashion & Beauty is rapidly growing in the current “digital” years. Whether it is that top to, match with a pair of jeans, a dress to wear on that night out with your friends or a dinner with your boyfriend,  a trendy open back top, to a zipped front top, a silky jumpsuit, to a sporty pair of jumpsuit, some swim wear, name it!! Whatever kind of fashion you want to have on you during that specific event, the Finesse Co comes out to fulfill whatever need or desire you have and get you looking fabulous as you step out.


Life is too short to wear the same boring clothes every day. So why not make the most of fashion to express your true self? Especially when it comes at ridiculously low prices!

Services Provided


Our main goal was to perk up the website in a way that properly reflects the potential of a renowned brand from The Finesse Co. A whole new level of online presence had to be charted in order to take things to the next level and enable the business to grow rapidly as the awareness of its existence was brought out to potential buyers via Eminent Media Inc..

Project Goals


Customizing the website according to the right audience is an essential move, so we carried out a target market analysis and a competitive assessment. The result was a detailed buyer persona who represents a large percentage of the customer audience.


Driving fashion products sales through online shop / website (

– Become the leading brand in the fashion industry.

– Reach a new audience segment in the fashion market and Increase new sale visits from the target audience.

– Structure the website’s content in a way that enables users to find the goods they are seeking easily, with minimal clicks.

Our Approach


When we started working on the design process, we already had a clear idea of what was needed: a minimalist design, very clear, making the content stand-out and easy to follow by any user.

Therefore, each page has the most important information and the most appealing visuals at the top, so the user can easily find what he’s looking for.

The contact platform is also not left behind noting its prominence as it helps the buyer and seller keep in touch easily, an email,



Digital marketing is simply the best way to improve brand presence and sales for an online store. Truth is that it’s easily trackable, you get immediate feedback and you can determine whether a campaign is working or not. Therefore, it was easy to report the over 70% increase of traffic to the Finessco website and social media Instagram, TikTok as well after only 2 months of engaging with this project.

Our guideline in size regarding measurements in inches under various ranges also helped customers easily chose the perfect or correct fitting for whatever clothing they made an order of, therefore there were no issues regarding size fitting.

The Outcome

Eminent Media Inc. didn’t just shape The Finessco’s online platform for a visually clean, but smooth shopping experience. We created an environment that balances the users’ desires with the business’s needs. This also meant integrating a payment gateway that enabled a positive checkout experience. Then we customized the admin panel so that product addition would not require any hustle.

      • On top of that, we have created a separate mobile website from scratch in order to offer a seamless user experience. Mobile responsiveness is the foundation upon which the entire digital experience occurs.
      • Therefore it is critical for customers to stick around. As soon as we have published a smooth mobile version, the customers were enabled to order on the go and the online exposure substantially increased.

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