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Skin and Beauty has become a part of the universe today. No one wants to be left out of the basket of that smooth, pimple-free skin or not being able to know how they can make that breaking skin get back to that soft, beautiful skin they had before. All these are done with the help of the world of cosmetics. To help you achieve this, the Sepe Cosmetic Institute is here to hold the hands of their students who attend the institute with different motives of achieving success in different courses offered by the institute. From Manicure and Pedicure course + Startup Kit, Eyelash extension course + Startup Kit, Botox and Filler theory, all these are offered by industry experts, who offer students the latest top skills, and every student is given the freedom to learn at their own pace for great results and above all, any student can learn from anywhere in the world through our online classes. Who wouldn’t want that? Book keeping Course, which guides students to learn how to read financial statements properly, and how to grab meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements.

Services Provided

Our Mission

Eminent Media Inc.’s mission was to broaden the market of the SEPE Cosmetic Institute, to make it easily accessible and understandable as to what they offer in the Cosmetology career. To achieve this, Eminent Media Inc. played the roles below:

Website Creation

With the creation of Sepe institute’s logo that Eminent Media Inc. was responsible for, the website offered a bunch of information that anyone who would be interested in the world of cosmetology would definitely find something of help. From the background of the institute, to its success stories, to guidance on what to purchase according to your need, name it. Student registration and instructor registration resources could also be found on the website as information of prominence to various followers.

Video Production

With the growing digital industry, videos have played a major role in helping companies in the marketing industry to reach out to their target audience and market their products or services. The SEPE Cosmetic Institute relied on Eminent Media Inc. to help them achieve this.

Logo Design

A logo is the basic element for efficient branding & marketing for whichever brand. A logo can become a solid basis for successful communication of a brand with its customers. It’s for this reason that Eminent Media took care of the full design and creation of Sepe institute’s logo to help achieve this.

Sepe Cosmetics

Brand Profiling

Brand Profiling refers to the systematic process of creating, developing and implementing your brand character and personality through shaping its brand promise, values, the do’s and don’ts of its behaviors, story, emotional benefits, its culture and what it stands for and so forth. It’s this humanized entity that gets your brand message out into the market, cuts through the noise and gets the attention of your primary customers in a way that matters to them. It gives you a clear understanding and expression of what your band offers and what that means for your customers, partners, and key audiences. Eminent Media Inc. came through to engage in Brand Profiling of SEPE Cosmetic Institute and make the brand highly visible, different, memorable and much loved by the ideal target customer who develop the knowledge and essential skills necessary to perform and administer cosmeceuticals and aesthetic procedures.

Social Media Management

While the shoot in your business needs to leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up with the competition. Eminent Media Inc. was responsible of taking care of SEPE Institute’s social sites to ensure the institute got more followers. The numbers below show just how much social media brings about growth in a business, according to the number of followers on the various sites and as well as good management of the website. From Facebook, to Instagram, to YouTube, Eminent Media Inc. has ensured great social media management of the above sites for SEPE Cosmetic Institute so as to attract students interested in the cosmetology career.

The Outcome

Sepe Cosmetic Institute has observed an increase in student intake interested in the cosmetology industry by over 35 % from the massive marketing done by Eminent Media Inc. especially in the online learning opportunities where students get to learn from anywhere from experienced industry experts who offer the best skills in courses like Microblading, Skin care specialist course, Microblading course, Hair removal course, Barbering course, among others.

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