The Challenge

The Riverwood Academy Awards is a celebrated event whose main aim is to bring various people together to witness and celebrate the hard work one undergoes on a personal level and award the patience and sleepless nights one undergoes to achieve the goals in their field of work.

Riverwood was on a motive to create awareness about the Kenya filming industry that was growing as well as go international so as to expand the Kenyan film industry.

Our Approach​

Eminent Media Inc was in quest to find sponsors to engage in the Riverwood Awards. This saw them form a partnership deal with Mediamax Network Limited and the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) team. Eminent Media Inc. scored a deal to have a live broadcast on K24 during the event day at Acacia Premier hotel. Advertising of the voting process for nominees on social media ahead of the Awards also created more awareness of the event.

Media Relations

Eminent Media Inc organized a press conference at K24 with KFCB as the main sponsors fully represented by the CEO, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and Kisumu county government led by his Excellency Prof. Anyang Nyong’o . The press conference main initiative was to promote the performance of the creative industry in Kenya by acknowledging and nurturing talent.

Media Tours

Eminent Media Inc led a media tour with some of the Riverwood Academy Awards 2018 nominees. Some of the media tours were held on K24’s ‘Beat box Live’ show and the ‘Alfajiri‘ program with Jeff Mote where matters concerning film and acting were discussed as well as issues regarding the Riverwood Awards.

Another media tour was done at Milele fm with Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and Mr Mwaniki Mageria  where listeners were presented with what to expect during the event as well as expanding more about the event to the listeners.

Event Sponsorship

Various sponsors came on board from Riverwood movies and Kenya Film Classification Board who were the main contributors, DT dobie who offered escort for the nominees from Nairobi to Kisumu to Acacia Premier Hotel who were also part of the sponsors and offered accommodation. Other sponsors of the event who made it a success were Mediamax who ensured the live broadcasting of the event through K24 and Alliance Francaise who had offered ground for a pre-event brand and image check up and consulting of the nominees with the help of Image and Brand consultant Mogul, Olive Gachara and journalist ,Carol Odera.

The Outcome

The event turned out successful and the atmosphere was filled with fun and laughter. From nominees to award winners, various personalities from the film industry were awarded for their good and hard work.

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