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From the cosmetics they create to their consumers’ beauty routines, Phoina Beauty always aims to optimize. So when it came to their marketing tactics, the brand sought out a strategic makeover with functionality at the forefront of their focus. Their goal was to build awareness across the marketing industry. Therefore, Phoina Beauty approached Eminent Media Inc. to help them achieve this. Eminent Media Inc. wanted to raise awareness of Phoina Beauty and their best-selling beauty products, reach new audiences and drive conversion. Eminent Media Inc. with a range of audience were chosen by Phoina Beauty to deliver on its audience and engagement in the marketing industry.

Services Provided


The beauty and cosmetics categories are packed with thousands of brands offering similar products, all fighting for the attention of consumers. In such a crowded category, brand marketing is just as essential for a brand with various competitors in the beauty industry. From lipstick, hair shampoo, body lotion, hair cream, Phoina Beauty needed to attract more customers in the beauty industry.

Here’s how we helped increase awareness and drive consumers to retail through a one-on-one beauty consultation like no other.

Eminent Media Inc. channeled Phoina Beauty, examined the brands current tactics and highlighted what areas were driving the most success. From there, we were able to identify ways we could blend and enhance media efforts in order to expand reach while driving their desired revenue through various ways:

Logo Creation

From determining the brand’s audience, to defining the brand, checking out who the competitors are, choosing the right font, choosing the color to be used and keeping it simple, we as EMI helped Njeri Photography to achieve this.

Business Cards Design

For a business to be successful, it has to have that specific way through which its customers can communicate to it. Eminent Media Inc. came up with the designing & creation of Phoina Beauty’s business card where its phone numbers, email, location were placed so asw to give its clients an easy way through which to get to them when they needed their services.

Office Stationery Design

Office or business stationery is an extremely necessary as a result of it not only identifies the business, but it is also a good marketing tool. Custom stationery demonstrates expertness and might typically attract new clients. Stationery Helps with Networking. Eminent Media Inc. helped Phoina Beauty come up with this. Quality business stationery is an element of the introduction and will represent the corporate in an exceedingly positive manner. it’s necessary to recollect that when an organization representative provides a business card, stationery designed to the client’s specifications to satisfy their business wants and needs. There are skilled stationery style firms which will style the stationery with the acceptable colors, images, and patterns. They’re designed to satisfy the specifications and needs of the business.

Social Media Marketing

Eminent Media Inc. got to work building a strategy to bring Phoina’s brand to life across social media with our major targets being;  Creating awareness & sales Increase of the various beauty products under Phoina. Through this, we aimed to build awareness of the brand at scale while highlighting it’s uniqueness and drive purchase of the full product line from its competitors in the cosmetics world through Instagram, Facebook, which helped the channel grow.

What Can A Client Get From Phoina Beauty?

Well every lady wants to step out of their house looking awesome. Whether they are headed to the office, a lunch date with a friend or just going to do some shopping. This is where Phoina Beauty comes in handy in whatever the lady wants to achieve to look awesome. From curls, braiding, weaving, blow-dry, hair treatment, lip-glossing, shampoo, flat-iron, cornrows, name it!! Phoina Beauty has whatever it takes to help their clients to achieve this.

Media Coverage

The Outcome

With the branding and marketing of Phoina Beauty under Eminent Media Inc., the beauty brand has seen an over 35% rise in the marketing world as ladies are awed by the high quality beauty products offered by Phoina Beauty from lipgloss, hairfood, hairspray, facepowder, anything to have that awesome look on the face as well as the hair and most customers are giving back a positive feedback on the products.


Here's the team that worked to build Phoina Beauty to a renown brand in the media Industry.

Kelvin Mwangi

Danstan ochieng

lynn ngahu


Roselene Ngahu
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