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At Eminent Media Inc., we are blessed and very grateful to have an abundance of great clients to work with. Diversity inspires creativity and being creative is who and what we are. Our clients approach us with differing marketing challenges, but all require an imaging solution to promote their business or brand in a way that sets them apart from their competitors. This is where we can add most value.

Services Provided

Client Background

Njeri is well known in her local area and beyond for capturing lovely photos, as well as videos but with the growing interest in the photography and videography world, she still needed a marketing strategist to keep her brand well known despite the competition.

So whether you’ve got a pre-conceived an idea that you need transforming into an image, or you need her creativity to build and execute a concept for you, Njeri Photography works with you to create images or videos that enhance your brand and accelerates your business growth or have that awesome personal photoshoot with you and your family that your memory will always embrace.

As a brand, Njeri Photography definitely needed a marketing system that’ll help the name continue to grow and attract even more customers. Who else other than Eminent Media Inc. would help the brand achieve this? As a brand strategist, we came up with various ways to fulfill this;

Logo Creation

From determining the brand’s audience, to defining the brand, checking out who the competitors are, choosing the right font, choosing the color to be used and keeping it simple, we as EMI helped Njeri Photography to achieve this.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a growing trend among businesses because it can improve results drastically. That’s because the tools that you can use to manage your social networking give you a great deal of information that can help you gain more followers, become more relevant to the followers that you do have, and ultimately, grow your business. Simply put, social media management is just the methods that you use to maintain and update those social networks so as to reach your target audience.

Social media allows you to know what people are saying about your company or brand, both the good and the bad, as well as what is being said about your competitors. You also get information on current trends as they are happening.

We as Eminent Media Inc. have helped Njeri Photography use social networking correctly, it can helping generate leads and attracting new customers. Maintaining social networking sites, by posting relevant content on all of them like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also came up with the design of the various covers of Njeri Photography like the You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube social media covers.

Business Card Design

A business card in a growing digital world is tangible, a brand element you leave behind with someone. The success of your business card depends on how much effort you put in its design and content. It is about combining a number of design elements such as colour and typography, to make an impact. A professional graphic designer is able to provide you with a design that sets you apart. This design needs to define your brand and successfully deliver your brand message. This is where Eminent Media Inc. stepped in to help Njeri Photography to achieve this.

Proposal Design

Eminent Media Inc. was responsible for the designing of the proposal of a project; MS PRESIDENT REALITY TV SHOW PORTFOLIO, which was prepared by Njeri Photography.

The Outcome

The brand marketing & influencing done by Eminent Media Inc. for Njeri Photography saw a major increase in the awareness of the brand’s existence as well as more customers who contacted Njeri in need of the various services offered. From weddings, birthdays, baby showers, photoshoots, there was a major shoot in the number of customers at Njeri Photography as well as those who wanted to join the video & photography careers had somewhere they could get the best lessons from.


Here's the team that worked to build Njeri Photography to a renown brand in the media Industry.

Kelvin Mwangi

Biacn Chesa

lynn ngahu


Roselene Ngahu
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