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Nini Amerlise


Actress / Super Model / Motivational Speaker / TV Personality

For many, she is an inspiration and beautiful example of selflessness and embodiment of self-love. Nini practices wholesome affirmations and readily avails herself to teach others on their journey. This iconic sensation has been seen on countless red carpets, a fashion icon, Activist, Celeb Award winning Supermodel and TV presenter is a woman on fire, blazing the trail for the young generation to chase their purpose and potential. Nini Amerlise made her mark in the Canadian Market, representing boldly as a Ghanaian – Jamaican beauty, authentic and unapologetically true to who she is. She uses her platform to talk about controversial topics such as skin bleaching, colourism, domestic abuse and faith in her empowerment sessions, leaving her audience to probe and reflect on one’s personal journey towards growth.

Apart from being a major name in the high end fashion world, Nini Amerlise has been an Esteem Advocate from her experience of severe domestic abuse and bullying. This gave her came a drive to empower the youth and women after much mentoring, which lead to the establishment of “We Are Royals” inc – A non-profit organization seeking to develop the esteem and confidence in youth through arts and culture in and across North America, West Africa and the Caribbean diaspora.

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Nini began her career at the age of 20 receiving her first award recorded as “Top Model” 2015 at the Miss international city pageant. She was nominated by the African Fashion Industry Awards in Toronto as “Rising Star Model of the year” and won in August 2016. She then propelled to fame in 2017 after winning season one of the “Supermodel Canada” series, making her the first black Supermodel in Canadian history to win a model competition of such a calibre. With such a fast growing career in the model industry, Nini needed a media platform that would help spread her name even faster across the world like wildfire and make her brand grow and attract more clients. Eminent Media Inc. definitely would be the perfect platform to do this as it has been helping in brand building for various celebrities over the years and grow their names across various platforms.

Nini Amerlise consulted Eminent Media Inc. to enable her the general and in-depth marketing expertise, brand analysis to help her successfully sell her products or services attaining the business goals and objectives. Nini worked with the management and once on board with Eminent Media Inc., she liaised with the brand managers and marketing executives of the firm on the regular basis and even with the key members of the management, as and when required to arrive at the crucial decisions. Runway became Nini’s staple, walking in over 70 shows with no slowing down. She often receives direct bookings and has worked with notable designers including Ofuure, Kaela Kay, Rocky Gathercole who is known for creating elaborate custom designs for Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj, and celebrity designer Michael Kuluva of Tumbler and Tipsy.


Eminent Media Inc. was in charge of the design and creation of Nina’s website where her story was shared; her story from her childhood of intense bullying, physical violation, and racist slurs which resulted in her having fear, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Nini however embarked on a new journey in 2014 during her search of self-love and a new story of her life while trying her best to put the dark side of her life behind and open a new page where a new story would begin. Following this, she put her all in the world of fashion, as well as coming out to share her dark childhood story so as to encourage someone out there to come out and fight their battles for a brighter future. The website also has shared Nini Amerlise’s press kit that digs deeper in her story, one can also make bookings with the super model through the website, as well as get easy access to her social media accounts as they have been shared through the website.

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