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Nessy Mukiri

The Background

Nessy Mukiri is a social media personality who has recently earned herself a celebrity title due to her outstanding sense of fashion that melts the hearts of many people who admires to be like her. She is also a successful entrepreneur especially in the car industry. Nessy who is a mother of one, loves to rock classy designer clothes, and an adventurous lady who loves exquisite places. Nessy is graced with beauty, and is cheerful and welcoming and has been rising to fame due to her sense of fashion and style in the context of beauty and fashion. She knows how to match her natural beauty with stylish clothes and shoes. She dresses her curvaceous body with best outfits which makes her physical appearance gorgeous and advanced.

Services Provided

The Challenges

With the growing interest in marketing digitally currently, Nessy Mukiri needed to have a company push her growth as a brand in the fashion world as well as the motor industry that has in the past few years hit an over 40% growth due to demand of vehicles. Eminent Media Inc.’s goal was therefore to help Nessy as a brand get well known through communicating to potential customers about Nessy Mukiri.

To help achieve the above goals for Nessy Mukiri as a brand, Eminent Media Inc. delivered the following services;


Brand Building Processes

Eminent Media Inc. was responsible for Nessy Mukiri’s brand building process, to generate awareness about her brand and businesses as a fashionista, with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.

As a fashionista, Nessy Mukiri’s passion for fashion and modelling has given her great chances to stand as a brand.

Logo Design

A logo is one of the elements of brand identity that is applied across all channels consistently. It’s the way a business becomes recognizable. Eminent Media Inc. worked to ensure designing of a unique logo for Nessy Mukiri that had her as a brand stand out in the fashion and industry.

Motion Logos

Eminent Media was also able to do motion logos for her YouTube Channel. 

Social Media Marketing

The social media in the current world plays a major role in the marketing industry. This has left many celebrities as well as business owners seek to have a social media account where they can spread information about them and their businesses as fast as wind.  Eminent Media Inc. has been responsible for seeking a large following for Nessy Mukiri in her business and fashion world.

For those who are seeking a high quality vehicle or those who want to be good looking, Nessy’s social media is the perfect social media to follow with her Instagram handle @nessy_mukiri, where one can also get to know more about who Nessy is.

The Outcome

Through the effort put in place by Eminent Media Inc., Nessy Mukiri’s brand has grown as she has gained more followers who offer her support in the fashion and vehicle industry. She has continued to grow as she markets various brands in the fashion industry. Her website has also made it easy for her followers seeking help to reach out to her as they are able to access her via email and those who want to have her as a brand representative are able to do bookings and hold meetings easily via the website.

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Here's the team that worked to build Nessy to a renown brand in the Industry.

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