Naija Jollof is a Canadian Restaurant serving authentic African/Nigerian cuisine with a variety of dishes from Naija Jollof, Asun, Goat meat, Akara, roasted plantain with red sauce, pounded yams to pepper soup, Efo Riro and beef stew, are the classic Nigerian dishes prepared at Naija Jollof Restaurant that gives its customers a taste of that African cuisine. The restaurant also offers takeout, delivery and catering services to its clients.

Services Provided

The Challenge

Being an African or Nigerian cuisine based restaurant based in Canada, Naija Jollof needed to attract and provide more of its customers who had an African background and were in a foreign country a yummy taste of African cuisine, making them feel at home. The restaurant also needed to attract more customers to its various cuisine offered

The Solution

Fuseinat Brimah, a Canadian and Ghanian-Nigerian entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of Cangro Agrifoods Inc., as well as the Director of Munch Africa, saw through the lack of cultural African- Caribbean products especially African vegetables used in food staples in Canada an opportunity to create a solution to getting these products. It is this aspiration that led to the founding of Cangro Agrifoods Inc., a social enterprise with a mission of creating an ecosystem of educated ‘farmpreneurs’ who can grow their cultural produce in an easier, more flexible, environmentally friendly system and distribute them locally.

She therefore sought Eminent Media Inc.’s services that would help the brand grow more and become known not only in Canada but even beyond  as she aims to convey and create an understanding of the joy of African culture.

Eminent Media Inc. provided the services below to help Munch Africa become known better as a brand;

Logo Creation

To ensure the Naija Jollof brand stood out among its competitors, the restaurant approached Eminent Media Inc. to help them in the achievement of designing and creating a great logo design that would represent the brand and make it easily identifiable to its customers and target audience. EMI. Came up with the design of the logo, which was seen not only on the Naija Jollof restaurant, but as well as on menus, bags, caps, delivery bags, cups, delivery vans, etc.

Flyer Creation

Restaurant flyers are a great way to grab the clients’ attention. The key is to focus it on the latest promotion to sell more. Flyers are a communication vehicle for the brand’s awareness. Eminent Media Inc. designed the Naija Jollof flyer to help in attracting new clients or be top-of-mind for existing customers that the brand had. From choosing the color scheme, photos to be placed on the flyer, dividing the flyer into sections, sharing different locations where the restaurant can be found, as well as the contact details. All these were achieved by EMI.

Business Card Designing

With the fast growth of the digital world today, most people may be inclined to think that business cards are no longer relevant in the digital age, but here’s the surprise: they still remain one of the most essential networking tools for majority of the businesses on ground and are the most effective strategy when it comes to in-person networking. Naija Jollof needed a company that would help in the creation and designing of the business card for the brand. From the business name, contact information,

Social Media Designing

Over 75% of consumers search online before visiting a restaurant for the first time and 67% will go the same day they did the search. This means that people are influenced by online reviews and the information they find on restaurant websites and their social media platforms. Eminent Media Inc. was responsible in the designing of Naija Jollof’s social media, Facebook and Instagram, where customers could get more information about what Naija Jollof has to offer, as well as giving customers a chance to give their feedback on what they think of the services offered to them and also any opinions which they thought would improve on the services given to them by the brand.

Web Design and Development

The truth is that website design and development is about more than just looking pretty. It’s one of the most critical factors contributing to whether the user has a good or poor experience while browsing the site, directly influencing the overall impression of a brand. There are many benefits to having a sleek, beautiful, and easy-to-navigate website that made Naija Jollof approach Eminent Media Inc. to help in the designing & creation of the restaurant’s website. EMI created a great website design to help the clients have a good first impression to those who visited the website. From the restaurant’s background, menu offered, catering services offered, the website creates a great impression for those who visit it. The website design also helped rank the brand’s search engines like Google, as well as making the brand seem credible and approachable to those who desired a healthy munch of African cuisine.

The Outcome

Eminent Media Inc. marketing helped Naija Jollof achieve an 80% customer satisfaction rating on various points like food quality, speed of service offered and accuracy of orders.  5,000 Customers Impressions, 1,976 Engagements & over 500 Shares on social media.


Here's the team that worked to build Naija Jollof to a renown brand in the media Industry.




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