Many of you must have come across Mwaniki Mageria presenting a show on foods and culture on TV but didn’t know who exactly this gentleman with such an interesting taste was. Well, below is some background on Mwaniki, how he got into the world of media and has been there for over 20 years. Having studied Business and Communication at Daystar University. Mwaniki did a full season in sales and marketing in both the Motor Industry and later in Broadcast Media. He started a production company Balozi Productions in the early 2000s. And produced films like, “Niko Na Genge” and “My Daughters Keeper”. The Balozi productions however shut down after successfully running for over 15 years and that saw lots of talented Kenyan actors and actresses rise to fame. Mwaniki is also a marketing professional and has partnered with local producers to build the brand, RiverWood. This RiverWood Ensemble Filmmakers Association of independent producers can produce anything from 10 to 30 movies a month. He is the Secretary General of the Association of RiverWood.

As a TV personality, he had shows like Get in The Kitchen and Foods of Kenya running with him as the host on K24 and KTN respectively. He was also a director in the production company Documentary & Reality TV Ltd which producers these shows. Mwaniki and his Balozi team are the founding creators of Kalasha Film & TV Awards, the Kenyan "Oscars". He served as a Board Member at the Kenya Film Commission completing the maximum two terms allowed. He also sits on the Government Creative Economy Taskforce and on the Oscars Selection Committee - Kenya and is a board member on the IP monitoring agency known as the Kenya Copyright Board. He is building an elaborate Kenyan distribution network in a consortium of distributors from Kenya under his company 747 Distribution Ltd. Mwaniki is a highly sought after and accomplished Master of Ceremonies. Mwaniki Mageria with his love for culture also hosted a TV show, 'Foods of Kenya'. The show explored the traditional culinary history and cooking methods of different Kenyan communities down along the ages.

Services Provided

Mwaniki Mageria had a long journey in the film industry, which came with great challenge but also eventually came out with great achievement due to his passion in the industry. In 2015, Mwaniki was forced to shut down Balozi Productions after a 20-year run. But resilient by nature, Mwaniki pressed on and became a director at one of Kenya’s most prolific production companies, Documentary and Reality TV (D&R TV). “After being exposed to Riverwood, I knew there was enough content to take it mainstream.” Mwaniki I floated the idea around to a number of broadcasters, some who blatantly told him the films weren’t classy enough, some didn’t have the budget. This however did not have Mwaniki Mageria give up in his passion as he had a belief that one day he would make Kenya’s film industry rise.

Our Approach

Eminent Media Inc. worked hand in hand with Mwaniki Mageria to see his name continue to rise and also that Kenya’s film industry shone. Eminent Media Inc. was in quest to find sponsors to engage in the Riverwood Awards. This saw them form a partnership deal with Mediamax Network Limited and the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) team. Eminent Media Inc. scored a deal to have a live broadcast. Advertising of the voting process for nominees on social media ahead of the Awards also created more awareness of the event that Mwaniki Mageria was one of the heads at.

Our Solution

Media Relations

Event Sponsorships

Social Media Campaigns

The Outcome

As they say in the world of social media, the followers are never enough no matter how many you’ve got. The aim is to always keep the numbers rising and create even more awareness about the client’s work. With Eminent Media Inc.’s involvement in Mwaniki Mageria’s works, there was a rise in the number of people who came out to follow him on social media and appreciate his works, some people did not know of the Riverwood Awards and saw that as a great move in the Kenyan Film Industry. We also had many clients follow up for Mwaniki Mageria’s services. This definitely was a great outcome for the client.

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