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The Challenge

Morocco Omari is a great name in the acting industry. For those who have watched the popular series, “Empire” may be well aware of the actor who participated in the series. He is an American film, television and theatre actor, screenwriter, producer and director. Omari has come to be inspired by the rich stories in Africa through his visits ans stands to believe that Africa can tell it’s story better than Hollywood would if given the guidance needed. In his quest to see the African Film industry thrive, Morocco Omari wanted to do workshops in Kenya aimed at offering acting classes that would equip not only Kenyan actors but directors too with the necessary skills required in the acting industry. He also wanted to teach actors in Africa on how they could grow the acting and film industry in Africa to have a great name such that even the industry expands to be more like the acting industry in Hollywood and also how to make a career in the acting industry.

The Barrier

As an actor whose name was thriving in the Hollywood acting industry and him wanting to guide the actors in the Kenyan Film industry on how they could shine in the career, Morocco Omari did not have the network he needed to help him achieve all this hence having a bit of a challenge. This is where Eminent Media Inc came in handy through being the publicist for the Morocco Omari tour, organizing his media tours in Kenya as well as the two day training workshop for actors and directors which was held at Kenyatta University.

Our Approach

Eminent Media was able to support Omari to ensure the smooth flow of evens from the time Morocco Omari arrived in the country until his departure. Eminent Media in conjunction with Bonfire Adventures upon Morocco Omari’s arrival received him and escorted him to his residence at the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel.

Media Tours

Eminent Media was able to organize media tours for Morocco Omari where he was able to answer questions regarding the film industry as well as offer advice to those who wanted to venture in the industry. These media tours included a visit to Radio Africa group for an interview on the “Breakfast with the stars show”, followed by interviews at KTN for the “Youth Cafe” and “Life and Style” shows. Morocco Omari was also hosted for an interview at the NRG radio. Eminent Media also marketed the Omari workshop though it’s social media where many people got to know about him and also about the event.

The Results

With the various media tours that Eminent Media Inc organized for Morocco Omari and made sure they turned out successful as well as being the main handlers of the two day acting workshop held at Kenyatta University, at least 80 Kenyan actors benefited from attending the workshop. Morocco Omari’s sharing of his experiences acted as a source of inspiration to many actors who attended the workshop. He was also able to share some of the pros and cons on script writing, directing and producing, all which the attendants found helpful. A number of upcoming actors also went through auditions where Morocco Omari was able to give them feedback on where they did well as well as which areas they needed to improve on their skills so as to make a career in the industry. With many script writers and directors wanting to penetrate through the international market, Omari further highlighted the need for actors to equip themselves with different accents and doing their best at content productivity.

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