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Lauryn’s Closet

Lauryn’s Closet is one of our clients that we helped discover what sets them apart from the other competitors and Eminent Media Inc. came through to help them communicate those differences as fashion styler and personal styler.

Services Provided

Identity & Logo Design

As a name in the fashion and style industry, Lauryn’s Closet definitely had to have a unique, effective identity system that reflects core values and creates a bond with the customers, so the brand isn’t just recognized, it’s remembered. Eminent Media Inc. made sure that the logo delivered ensured the logo designed and produced is in line with Lauryn’s Closet brand identity and was able to;

  • Clearly communicate what Lauryn’s Closet is.
  • Makes a lasting impression on the target audience being aimed at to fulfil their fashion needs.
  • Is visually appealing. Is simple, clean and uncluttered goes a long way.
  • Is classic, not trendy. The last thing you want is for your logo to go out of style in 6 months.

Clothing Labelling

Lauryn’s logo was used as a labeling for the clothes under her brand.

Social Media Management

The objectives of Eminent Media Inc.’s social media marketing services are building brand awareness and social proof using social media across various channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., through managing and publishing content to build a need for our clients’ followers to purchase from them.


Lauryn’s Closet therefore had a benefit from our strength in our ability to develop creative campaign ideas via the various social medias of the website like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to help attract more buyers to the closet as well as keep those who are already fans of the closet and engage with them on social media.

Website Design

Implementing optimal web design for fashion brands can incite loyalty, trust, and security for users. Eminent Media Inc. worked on the design & creation of the Lauryn’s Closet website which came in handy in the marketing world in areas such as;

  • “Add to cart” button which is clearly visible on the page, enticing a user into hitting it as soon as possible to order what good they want from the website.
  • Product descriptions in detail, focusing on the peculiarities and benefits it offers. All available colors and sizes are displayed too.
  • Social media buttons. People are heavy social media users thus a wise idea to enable a social sharing button in order to leverage word-of-mouth marketing in the various social medias that Lauryn’s Closet is available.
  • “Customer Reviews” section under the website, where products have a large impact on buying decisions. Here customers are encouraged to be honest about their reviews on the goods, whether negative or positive. Real reviews mean the producer is able to improve on the current production.
Roselene Ngahu
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