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Jade Faith is one of the most multi-talented people you can ever meet. The singer and songwriter of various genres from Reggae, Gospel, R&B, Lovers Rock to Pop, etc., has over the years proven the true strength of a woman. The vibrant singer believes in the mantra that each day is a gift that is not meant to be wasted, therefore, pushing her to live each day with a sense of wonderment and profound gratitude. The former Ms. Black Ontario Contestant beauty queen has over and over portrayed her prowess in the industry through her three singles ‘Here’s my number’, ‘I won’t suffer’, and ‘So we roll’. What began as a modeling and acting career has seen her grow into a voice we enjoy listening to across the globe.

The Challenge

When Jade Faith approached us first, her main aim was to promote her new music and to increase her YouTube plays. However, after deliberation with her, Eminent Media Inc and 3PENT settled on a few things that we would work on that would facilitate for her growth. We knew we could give her more, and that is what we did. Her major challenge was in numbers; YouTube and Spotify. She wanted to increase her audience and the number of people who consumed her music. This included increasing subscriptions in her channels and various account. 

The Logo

In branding the Logo is one of the most vital tools. This is the symbol that people associate your brand with hence, it should speak volumes about your brand.  Being also a women rights activist, Jade Faith needed a logo that encompassed both her passion for music and her zeal for championing women rights. We chose the colors Red and White to merge both of her passions in one logo. Further, due to her passion for music and women rights we used the heart symbol to signify that. The wings on the very end symbolize her ability of her brand to immeasurably rise.

The Website

Korexion being an award winning artist is already known. Since his brand was not struggling, our aim was to stabilize his brand in the market and give him a constant reference. This meant we had to design his logo, revamp his website and his social media pages as well. We wanted to give him and identity that would remain in people’s minds as well. We created a suitable logo for him that entailed his stage name since people are already accustomed to him like that. We all know that a unique and ideal logo is one of the major pillars of a perfect brand.


We all know that every artist needs a Spotify account in their career. This is because curated playlists can result to breaking hits and so on. Your music also gets a chance to have a greater audience. There is also free promotion. We figured that the more subscribers Jade received, the more her audience expanded. We ensured that her subscribers grew form 1 subscriber to 303 subscribers for the short time we partnered with her.

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