Working with non-profit organizations, Eminent Media Inc has experienced the support that has been focused on the youth, humanitarian aid, education, health, arts and culture, faith and recreation. From local foundations and charities to national and international nonprofits, Eminent Media Inc is honored to support organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our team is experienced in yielding results for non-profits and their partners by developing and promoting strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives. We keep in mind that an effective non-profit communication requires that an organization make its story and mission relatable, tangible, empowering and outcome-focused as we plan and implement donor communications, including fundraisers and capital campaigns; short-term promotions, including behavior change marketing and milestone recognition.


Having many children in Kenya who urgently need support in terms of education, healthy diet, good health care due to their parents being unemployed or not having good jobs that can make them able to provide the above needs for their children as well as some love and care, the Jiamini Day Center, a community based organization in Kenya that fights for the rights of socially disadvantaged children and offers protection and tranquility in its premises, came in conjunction with Eminent Media Inc to support the publicity of its Jiamini Children’s home which was founded in August 2014 by Sinja Stötzner and Josephine Mwangi. In September 2017, the Jiamini CBO organization founded a day center, where every child exercises their right to general education, a healthy diet, safety and loving care.

CLIENT: youth-now-on-track

Eminent Media Inc supported the roll out of YNOT “Youth Now On Track”, a program focused on helping the youth make a difference through creating opportunities for self-improvement through sound education, community involvement, employability training and implementing strategies designed to recognize youth potentials and reward excellent community service. The event involved various leaders whose main aim was to empower youths to come out as independent in future as well as live positive lives.


The Prayer Reign International Church came about as a vision during one of the various prayer moments of Pastor Hadassah Rosalind. Her inspiration came from the word of God where Pastor Rosalind read about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sparing some time to pray to God at the Mountain of Olives. This brought about her within her that inspiration to open a prayer center. A center where she was to encourage Christians to spare some time aside in their daily activities to pray. This was to be achieved through organizing of prayer retreats, seminars and workshops to empower brethren in prayer and share the basic tools of prayers a notch higher and be committed to prayer as they brought out their lives troubles to God as well as thanksgiving for the awesome things he has done for them in their lives.