Automotive & Transportation

We’re all headed somewhere, but it’s not always easy to get there. From launch events for global airlines and auto manufacturers to branding buses, trains and transit systems, to communicating the largest vehicle recall in U.S. history, Jackson Spalding’s interdisciplinary automotive and transportation team serves a wide range of companies in the automotive, transit, transportation and mobility industries. Our work is grounded in public-sector knowledge and private-sector experience, and enhanced by our understanding of both worlds. We’re here to help make your customer’s journey smoother, faster and more direct.


Today’s marketers and event organizers ar regularly challenged to remain tangible, online experiences that help them to have an online dialogue and engage potential customers. Mercedes Benz in conjunction with DT-Dobie engaged with Eminent Media to help create an online dialogue in the launching of the Mercedes Benz bus and helping it come into the market. Being a new product in the Kenyan market, it was kind of difficult to appeal to customers who had been used to old models. Eminent Media came in to help create an online environment to help Mercedez Benz have an online dialogue with potential customers through our social media.