To increase website traffic, SEO has become a more successful and vital way to do so.  It dramatically increases the income being the least expensive and highest cost-effective strategy. To deal with constant changes, SEO should be their top priority.

Importance of SEO for organic search:

In 2020, the power and importance of SEO are known to everyone. Organic search is giving approximately 53% of the website traffic. Paid advertising is no more in competition. It provides only 15% of the website traffic. But still, some companies are spending much on paid advertisements. SEO has become much popular. Nowadays, Effective Marketing Strategy has SEO as a key element and on top priority.

Key points:

  • The paid advertisement gives us traffic only when we are spending money on it. We can call it “temporary”. But when we spend on SEO, it gives us traffic that will be available even when we are not investing in it. We can call it “permanent”.
  • Choosing SEO to increase website traffic is a bit time consuming but when it has started, it is worth it. It not only provides more traffic but also an effective and continuous one.
  • When traffic on a website is increased, it is recognized by search engines. It means the quality of content provided by a website is good. It is not only beneficial to the website but also their valuable audience. They prefer to interact more and more.

High Standard Content:

The content of high standards is highly demanding by the audience. By understanding, what category of information is required by the audience, and what type of answer they demand, it becomes easy and effective to generate quality content.  By providing the high standard content for organic search. It increases the worth of the website and builds trust. One can found best content-marketing-strategy by finding it on internet to improve it’s content and get more traffic for your website.

Ranking On Top in Organic Search:

Google ranks a website based on the speed of the site. If you are down in this aspect, or the experience by the audience is not satisfying in this regard, google will automatically rank below and your competitors will be on top and that will reduce your website traffic. When your website takes too long to open or if it is not secure, we can call it a crisis. Another method for ranking is connecting-seo-and-ux-for-better-marketing-roi. To overcome this, enable HTTPS and check speed reports on google. It would surely help you.

Live Streaming On Social Media:

It is the best way to generate long term users as it builds trust pillars between the website and its traffic. Live streaming on social media is an effective way to do so. It will keep the audience up to date about their issues. That provides more useful information than written posts. It has more ability to describe a topic or issues and people get more information by attending live streaming. Live streaming can be done on various social media platforms.

Accurate And Authentic Information:

Providing false information can give your website a major loss. People prefer to have true and accurate information while doing organic search. when people notice that the information given by a website is accurate, they try to come again and again for further knowledge. It will increase traffic. so it should be kept in mind while posting any topic on the website that information in it should be accurate.

Keep Your Website Traffic Up To Date:

To stay up to date, it is necessary to write about current issues. It will not give a break to your website traffic. People still use it to visit it for the latest information. To post about COVID-19 is the best way to keep traffic on your website during this pandemic because it will ensure your audience that your website is updated on a continuous basis.



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  1. Reemal Arshad

    June 6, 2020

    Great initiative… SEO is the main.

  2. Reemal Arshad

    June 6, 2020

    Great initiative… SEO is the main.

  3. Shazma Altaf

    June 8, 2020

    Such a good piece of knowledge about SEO.Good job

  4. Shazma Altaf

    June 8, 2020

    Such a good piece of knowledge about SEO.Good job

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