Digital Tools Providing Services During COVID-19

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Digital Tools Providing Services During COVID-19

People are trying to deal with COVID-19 in different ways. Many business companies are trying to find out new ways to have better and effective communication during this pandemic. There are many different free digital tools available for use during this time. Companies are highly using these tools to communicate with their team members.  Many different premium tools are being offered for use during COVID-19.

Free Digital Services For Communication Purpose:

During this pandemic, Google is offering Google Hangouts Meet that is a great feature for video conferences. You can connect up to 250 people per call and stream to 1000 viewers that are sufficient for most of the organizations. It covers a wide range of features and becomes a favorite for companies and organizations. You can get more ideas-for-free-marketing-of-small-businesses and communication. It is available for 30Th September.

Another video conferencing feature is Lifesize which is provided for unlimited use to the organization for up to six months. This is also a highly recommended one.

Comcast is also offering its services during this bad time to provide facilities to the people. It is offering Xfinity WiFi hotspots free of cost to everyone. You just have to check out if this is available in your area and switch to it.

Free Digital Tools For Collaboration Purpose:

Microsoft is a name with which everyone is well aware of. Also, it’s used quite to remain in the hands of working organizations and companies. It is offering free Office 365 E1 available for six months.

Atlassian is another collaboration tool that is offered by the company responsible for Trello. It offers project and business management tools. This platform is of great help for those who are in the tech space.

Dropbox is offering its services free for those who are fighting with COVID-19. The box is available to everyone for use completely free. Both digital services are for three months. People can enjoy it.

Free Digital Services For Marketing Purposes:

BirdEye is offering features that are of great use to have interaction with customers. It has offered customer communication digital services available to everyone free of cost but for a limited time.

Hootsuite is offering its pro accounts available until the 1st of July. This is of great interest in social media marketing. People are taking much interest in social marketing these days because it is a safe way to interact being at home.

GoDaddy is offering many features including website building, e-mail marketing, accepting payments, and many more. All these offers are free of cost. It covers many different things in its features that are being offered. Various business companies are using it widely and showing much interest for their digital services.

Unbounce is offering free access to its landing page creation platform for three months during this pandemic. It is an expensive platform to access but it has become free for use now.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has extended its trial duration from 14 days to 90 days. It has become easy for some to go, test out the platform, and build a store there. One can have enough time for all this now. During this COVID-19, e-commerce is becoming very much popular and people are increasing here day by day.

Free Digital Tools For Finance purpose:

Wave and are two finance tools catching great interest from business companies.

Wave is offering to account, invoicing, and budgeting all in one here. This is free for use with an undefined time limit. This platform is of great use for people in the business. is another finance tool that is a cloud-based billing services. It is offering a free 90 days trial to the new users. You can manage your finances via if you are in dealing with customers.

Digital Services That will Always be Free To Access:

For those who don’t want to join the platform that is available free for a limited time or on a trial basis, you can enjoy many other platforms that are completely free not just in this pandemic but in the future too.There are a lot of free digital-tools-for-productivity of your business. 

Trello is an effective collaboration platform. It can help those who are dealing with projects or for people in different organizations. It is offering features that are in comparison to other expensive platforms. We can call it one of the best tools that are free to go.

For people who are new in design, Canva is offering very attractive and easy to use platform. One can learn from this platform and access things in graphics designing such as templates and images. This will help out in making outstanding graphics.

Some More Paid Tools

Grammarly can be used as a Word extension or Google extension. It is a free tool for checking grammar mistakes and spellings. It makes our documents free from errors thus helping effective communication.

SoGoSurvey is best for conducting surveys from employees and customers. It has made the feedback process easy for companies. One can enjoy this tool free of cost. is the best tool for conducting video calls up to 10 participants. You can share screenshots here and can stream to others as well. This feature is using by many companies during this pandemic to conduct their meetings and conferences.

LastPass is a tool of great importance for those who have to work from different accounts and on different platforms. You can save your passwords along with usernames here. It is completely secure from hackers and you can trust it. It makes life easier by keeping all login secrets in it.

Zoho Desk has offered its platform free to use for some time. It is a desktop software that is the best tool to manage your customer support. It becomes easy to track cases and respond to them and thus increases efficiency. MailChimp is offering free basic accounts for those who have to work with small e-mail lists. It is useful for managing such e-mails. Now they have extended these tools to some extent and have added some other features such as landing pages, analytical tools, and surveys.

Companies are trying to provide their features and platform at its best to deal with the situations in this pandemic. All the digital tools discussed here are listed among the best ones. People can enjoy their services and have their work done being at home.

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