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A brief about Eminent Media Inc

Eminent Media Inc. stands as the leading digital marketing service provider nestled in the heart of Toronto, CA. With a relentless commitment to growth and innovation, we are seasoned professionals, boasting experience that traverses multiple industries.


Problem Identification

  • Limited visibility
  • Ineffective Lead Generation
  • Lack of Targeted Marketing
  • Inadequate Content Strategy


  • Limited online visibility and brand awareness: difficult to reach and attract potential students.
  • Ineffective Social Media Presence: low organic
    traffic to their websites.
  • Inability to connect and engage with their target
    audience effectively.
  • Insufficient online presence on social media
    platforms to build relationships with prospective
  • Inadequate lead generation strategies to
    increase enrollment numbers.
  • Suboptimal website design and functionality,
    impacting the overall user experience.
  • Lack of high-quality and engaging content to
    position themselves as thought leaders and
    attract potential students.

EMI Solutions

Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google Knowledge Panel, Wikipedia. PR Services,

Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video Production, Search Engine Optimisation


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • Enhances user experience. Promotes data-driven decision making.
  • Increases overall lead conversions. Ensure efficient call-to-action strategies.
  • Successfully analyzes user activity for optimization through A B testing and data-drives insights.

Google Knowledge Panel

  • Enhance your brand’s online presence with a well curated and verified Google Knowledge Panel
  • Builds credibility & trust
  • Helps in gaining online exposure and increases visibility
  • Showcases properties and services
  • Easy mobile accessibility

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 Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Simultaneously enhances visibility and produces qualified leads.
  • High accuracy in reaching consumers at the right time
  • Targets particular keywords, locations &
  • Enhances chances of inquiries and conversions

Video Production

  • Bring your brand’s story to life with compelling video production services.
  • From brand documentaries to captivating social media videos, we capture the essence of your fashion brand and engage your audience.
  • Open towards understanding your needs and using our expertise to curate videos for your needs.
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Influencer Marketing

  • Harness the power of influencers to amplify your brand’s reach and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • Our adept influencer marketing team will identify the perfect influencers who align seamlessly with your brand’s image.
  • We will create authentic and impactful campaigns that foster trust and credibility among your audience.

Content Marketing

  • Provides insightful information, expert advice and market insights for your target audience
  • Maintains and promotes credibility & attracts leads
  • Showcases your fashion brand’s unique identity,
    values, and offerings
  • Generates leads and drive organic traffic
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Email Marketing

  • Leverage the power of email marketing to nurture customer relationships and drive sales.
  • Improve engagement rates and conversions
  • Promote communication and relationships with leads
  • Personalised and targeted emails to ensure exposure

Importance of Social Media Marketing

  • Promoting relationships to enhance inquiries and sales.
  • Highlighting unique features and showcasing promotional content.
  • Increasing brand recognition and sharing vital content to increase engagement.
  • Engage with potential consumers

Wikipedia Service

  • We monitor online mentions, manage customer reviews, and address negative feedback promptly, ensuring a positive brand perception.
  • Increased online visibility due to authority & relevance
  • Builds credibility & trust as it is recognized as trustable
  • Valuable backlink & improved SEO benefits
  • Historical record & documentation for highlighting achievements/milestones

PR Services

  • To build positive relationships with the public/ consumers.
  • Strengthen reputation and trust
  • Media Relations and Securing Media Coverage
  • Drive brand awareness and engagement through captivating digital PR campaigns
  • Helps in Branding and Positioning
  • We collaborate with top-tier media outlets, bloggers, and influencers to maximize your brand’s coverage and impact

Search Engine Optimization

  • Increases online exposure and search rankings
  • Attracts organic traffic
  • Significantly improves lead generation and sales opportunities.
  • Increases brand credibility and loyalty thus improving user experience

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