HAVE A LOOK AT SOME OF OUR WORKS in the events industry

We have helped brands get into the position they desire from our marketing and PR services. We list some of our case studies below.

CLIENT: vigor awards

As an activist, Queen Amina, founded Vigor Awards International a yearly celebrations of the unsung heroes in our society, that attracts dignitaries from all over to world. This awards are majority aimed at raising funds for charity work.Eminent media was privileged to be the Publicity, Public Relation and marketing team in 2015 Vigor awards.

CLIENT: The Canadian Reggae Fest

The Caribana festival is known as North America’s largest street festival held each summer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which exposes you to the people, food, culture and music of the different Caribbean people. In other words, it’s held to acquaint you with the minimum display of North America. The event that started out as a three-day event has now expanded into weeks of celebrations where grand parades were filled with fun events and experiences. The attendants of the event come prepared with costumes, colorful clothing and comfortable shoes, all to celebrate and preserve and express their Caribbean identity, as every corner of Toronto explodes with the quiver melodies and rhythms of reggae, Hip Hop, Brass bands e.t.c. The festival is an interesting cultural explosion of Caribbean music, cuisine and performing artists.

CLIENT: Plascon Colour Run

There are a number if youths in Kenya who are academically disadvantaged but academically gifted with no one to take care of their school fees and so they miss out on education, one of the most prominent things in their lives. Eminent Media Inc came together with Kenya Color Run for a campaign on social media to get Kenyans to buy tickets for the event, bringing in traffic when it came to the sales of the event’s tickets for a fundraising effort to help raise these youths’ education fees and cost through high school, tertiary and university education.

CLIENT: Riverwood Awards

The Riverwood Academy Awards is a celebrated event whose main aim is to bring various people together to witness and celebrate the hard work one undergoes on a personal level and award the patience and sleepless nights one undergoes to achieve the goals in their field of work. Riverwood was on a motive to create awareness about the Kenya filming industry that was growing as well as go international so as to expand the Kenyan film industry.