The Background

If you are a lover of photos, you have definitely heard of the name Emmaculate Jacobine. An award winning lifestyle Photographer based in Nairobi Kenya, whose main objective is to capture situation and objects in their natural state, make statement and tell stories. Some of her partners include Prime Bank, GTC, Hennessey, Hugo Boss, Life point Church, EO Kenya, She believes that “it’s not her Job to make a subject at ease, but to connect.” And therefore She believes “nothing beats a good shutter release.”

Emmaculate has excelled in her professional fields and has been able to win many awards including the Wikipedia wiki loves competition, she also emerged among top 20 UNEVOC world youth skills by UNESCO, the Alliance France award among others, proving a proficient and focused lady among others.

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As a passionate photographer and videographer, Emmaculate Jacobine definitely needed a marketing team by her side that would help her get known even more outside there through doing various things for her. Eminent Media Inc. was this team involved in the website creation and development where lovers of Emmaculate’s work could find out even more about her works and those who did not know about her could get to know who she really is and the types of jobs she has done under Eejay studios.

Services Provided

Logo Design

Just like any business looks to have a uniqueness that separates it from other similar businesses, Emmaculate Jacobine needed to have something that would make her stand out from other photographers and videographers. Eminent Media’s designers that have never let down our clients came through to achieve this by designing Emmaculate’s logo through use of her name and the logo came out to be eye-catching in its simplicity.

Web Design

Eminent Media Inc has played a prominent role in the reation of Emmanuel Jacobine’s website where more information about her services was given out to her followers. From the services offered by Eejay Studios to clients in the world of fashion, interior, humanitarian, lifestyle, studio shoots, all which turned out awesome.

Through the website, we also made it easier for Emmanuel Jacobine to be able to reach out to her potential clients by sharing her social media handles, as well as making it easy to book an appointment with her or even fill in a request form incase there are some things you wanted fulfilled.

The Outcome

The dope Emmaculate Jacobine website is a beautiful representation of a brand that cherishes the photography and videography industry. Throughout the website development process and social media marketing, Emmaculate Jacobine was able to reach out a greater number of clients who booked her services and saw a rise in her being known as well as service provision by over 40%. 


Here's the team that worked to build Emmaculate's brand.




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