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Beauty enthusiasts enjoy shopping for and using beauty products formulated for their needs. They navigate a beauty course to discover what works for her. From the skin, to hair, to nails, they always aim at having a product they like that can fulfill the beauty needs not only for them, but also the needs of their clients.
Didi’s Studio has come out to see the fulfillment of its clients to ensure their perfection when they step out into the crowd for an event or even for work. As Eminent Media Inc., we stepped forward to ensure that DIDI’S Studio stood out in the world of fashion & beauty through marketing ways that would have Didi’s Studio gain more clients.


There’s a huge amount of competition in the business world today, so businesses need to go the extra mile of ensuring they stand out in a crowd. To do this, investing in creating a strong brand that will get and keep customer’s attention. Eminent Media Inc. was involved in the designing and creating the right branding for Didi’s Studio, giving the client the chance to get some control over how people the business. From the colors uses, to the logo, all these ensured that customers being targeted had some faith in the business and the quality of services being offered at Didi’s Studio.


  • Create better business recognition.
  • Create loyal customers
  •  Branding helps create loyal customers as you can appeal to people’s emotions through branding and make them feel more connected to the company. Through Eminent Media’s branding duty, Didi’s studio was allowed to build relationships with its customers, which turned most of them into loyal customers.
  • Build customer trust.
  • By coming up with Didi’s Studio as a brand in the fashion and beauty industry, Branding helped potential customers view the business as an established, credible business. We used this to tell people very early on what they can expect from the business, it’s an investment in helping potential customers recognize the services offered to create the brand. In this instance, Didi’s Studio put recognition on services Like Nails, Make-up, Skin Care and Beauty Products, which definitely attracted potential customers.
    The above goals were achieved through Eminent Media’s Marketing strategies which included;
  • Social Media Marketing. This was to be done via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which had a wide digital customer potential.
  • Website creation and development.
  • Researching on Didi’s target market/audience and understanding who they are.   


Improvement in Email marketing that allows the brand to connect directly with customers. This was to be done through ways like promoting special offers, bringing out a new service to the customers, etc. and more.

  • The number of digital clients who did bookings for the services offered shoot with over 30% of client flow.
  • Customers were able to highlight their reviews about the services offered, helping to improve on the client-customer relationship.
Roselene Ngahu
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