Cynthia is a journalist-turned-producer, passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging creates business-changing content. As a producer, Cynthia does more than source for guests. She produced one of Kenya’s biggest breakfast show, “Jeff and Jalas”, before that, she had produced Mambo Mseto’s Willy M Tuva during her 9 years at Radio Citizen. She’s currently the head of radio Hot 96 and executive producer. She also has her own show, “The Morning After”. With more than 10 years in radio and inbound marketing experience, she’s gripped with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s absurdly useful and effective. (She also works with talent and clients as a strategist, interviewer, life coach, and sometimes therapist.) Even with radio being a 24/7 job, she has managed to juggle work with more work.

Services Provided

Corporate MC

Her role as a media personality has created an opportunity to join the elite MCs. A group of articulate, well informed Corporate MCs and moderators that work with the highest code of conduct. Hers spanning from Moderating sessions on Digital content and growth in Africa to Working with NGOs on Health Bills that influence the Nation’s outlook on Young people.

Logo Design

Like every media personality, Cynthia Mwangi needed a logo that would make her stand out from the rest and help her connect with her followers. Every good logo is expected to be simple, relevant, timeless and memorable. Eminent Media Inc. came through to create Cynthia Mwangi’s logo which was created through her name to bring out the uniqueness in her as well as represent her as a brand.

Social Media Engagement

Eminent Media Inc. was responsible of having the flow to Cynthia’s social media pages increase through sharing of her stories on Instagram and Facebook, as well as sharing Cynthia’s social media handles that saw over 30% increase in flow towards her site.

Web Design

We built a robust, responsive website with incredibly intuitive navigation to enhance Cynthia Mwangi’s followers get to know more information about her. The website communicated Cynthia Mwangi’s story in a compelling way by reorganizing, updating and in some cases expanding the current content offering throughout the site to deliver a better experience and drive engagement for her audiences. Here, Cynthia also shares Vlogs with her followers where she shares videos of various tips like Radio Programming, and Broadcasting Masterclass and blogs on how to achieve one’s resolutions.
One can make a booking through the website, subscribe to Cynthia Mwangi’s newsletter so as to keep up to date on what Cynthia is offering, book an appointment with Cynthia, share your name and email and the message you’d like to reach Cynthia. This has made communication as easy as ABC.

The Outcome

We increased Cynthia Mwangi’s reach through responsible, responsive design and improved brand building. Here site received an overall traffic increase of over 35%.

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