Emmaculate Jacobine

The Background If you are a lover of photos, you have definitely heard of the name Emmaculate Jacobine. An award winning lifestyle Photographer based in Nairobi Kenya, whose main objective is to capture situation and objects in their natural state, make statement and tell stories. Some of

Nessy Mukiri

The Background Nessy Mukiri is a social media personality who has recently earned herself a celebrity title due to her outstanding sense of fashion that melts the hearts of many people who admires to be like her. She is also a successful entrepreneur especially in the car industry.

Sepe Cosmetic Institute

Sepe Cosmetic Insitute Skin and Beauty has become a part of the universe today. No one wants to be left out of the basket of that smooth, pimple-free skin or not being able to know how they can make that breaking skin get back to that soft,


Services Provided Social Media Marketing Website Development Market Research Beauty enthusiasts enjoy shopping for and using beauty products formulated for their needs. They navigate a beauty course to discover what works for her. From the skin, to hair, to nails, they always aim at having a product