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Deo, during his time in the U.S upon migration so as to play soccer in New York & Europe discovered his passion and zeal for the camera and that’s the moment he decided to create a YouTube page which helped him gain a great following, as well as getting very comfy with being a public figure. “Mission Impossible”, was DEO’s first project that was a 7 track album featuring Afro Hip-Hop Artist Young Bix on the track, “Aint Regular”. The “Mission Impossible” project acquired over 300,000 streaming on major streaming platforms and helped to grow the name “DEO THE PLUG” as a famous artist. The other tracks that were included in “Mission Impossible”, included, Deo ain’t regular, Work is it, Don’t Wanna Die and Young and Fwesh.


Korexion alias Keipher Scott, who was voted as the JUNO awards reggae artist of the year, is a Canadian citizen who hails from Trench Town, Jamaica but has increasingly proven to be the voice of Canadian people. Armed with his golden voice and his love for music, Korexion seeks to communicate and pass his message to his audience with his remarkable performances across the globe. The talented artist has shared a stage with remarkable reggae artists such as, but not limited to Sean Paul, Sizzla, Shaggy, Damian Marley, etc.


Jade Faith is one of the most multi-talented people you can ever meet. The singer and songwriter of various genres from Reggae, Gospel, R&B, Lovers Rock to Pop, etc., has over the years proven the true strength of a woman. The vibrant singer believes in the mantra that each day is a gift that is not meant to be wasted, therefore, pushing her to live each day with a sense of wonderment and profound gratitude. The former Ms. Black Ontario Contestant beauty queen has over and over portrayed her prowess in the industry through her three singles ‘Here’s my number’, ‘I won’t suffer’, and ‘So we roll’. What began as a modeling and acting career has seen her grow into a voice we enjoy listening to across the globe.


Zakious is a talented reggae singer with a consummate sense of grace and style. His unique way of singing reflects his rich culture which is evident through his originality, poise and elegance. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Anthony Cooper, commonly referred to as “Mr. Cooper” got his first break in the music scene in 1988 when he performed at Jamaica’s prestigious talent contest, (Tastee Talent) and was awarded “The Most Talented Performer.”


Tony Antony is a Canadian artist from Jamaica. He is currently one of the most requested artists in Canada. Tony Antony has not only been previously nominated for the ‘Best Reggae Recording’ category in the 2011 JUNO awards but also the EME Awards in Jamaica. Further, Tony bagged the awards for best male vocalist, best songwriter, best single, and best reggae album in the 2011 Canadian Reggae Music Achievement awards. The song ‘Your Friend’ has sparked amazing feedback from listeners across the globe.


For reggae lovers in Canada, Reggae North will definitely ring a bell in their mind when mentioned as it has been home to news regarding the reggae industry, both from the Canadian reggae artists to the international reggae artists. From prominent reggae icons to upcoming ones, the Reggae North website has been where reggae lovers get the latest news in the reggae industry, as well as bringing the reggae music closer to the people. The Reggae North is a group based in Canada that is comprised of artists, musicians, producers working together to promote their work. Eminent Media Inc. has played a major role in ensuring that Reggae North continues to shine and the reggae culture is spread across the world across various cultures. Below were some of the ways through which Eminent Media Inc. ensured this came to pass;


Bryan Cumberbatch was inspired to enter into the world of music by his uncle who used to play a variety of music which included Merengue and Classical music. It is here that he fell in love with melodic music. Bryan used to hang around with a neighbouring musician with whom he got the chance to sing. After years of singing with different people and musicals, migrated to Canada. In Canada, he met a keyboard player at High School who introduced him to some other musicians and that was his first band. He played around Canada for a few years and moved later to L.A, where he met Larry Fulcher, a widely acclaimed bassist and keyboard player. Bryan did his first recording in Los Angeles with Larry. He is now a member of the Phantom Blues Band who produced Taj Mahal’s CD which won a Grammy Award.