We have helped brands get into the position they desire from our marketing and PR services. Below are some of the brands we have helped in the Hospitality industry

Client: Munch Africa

Munch Africa is an interactive cultural food competition featuring renowned chefs from all over Canada with origins from every part of Africa. This event is created by Cangro Agrifoods, a sustainable agriculture company that aims to help farmers and consumers to become entrepreneurs in safely and sustainably growing ethnic vegetables locally. Some of the events that have been held under Munch Africa include Barbeque Week and The Day of African Week in 2019

Client: Naija Jollof

Naija Jollof is a Canadian Restaurant serving authentic African/Nigerian cuisine with a variety of dishes from Naija Jollof, Asun, Goat meat, Akara, roasted plantain with red sauce, pounded yams to pepper soup, Efo Riro and beef stew, are the classic Nigerian dishes prepared at Naija Jollof Restaurant that gives its customers a taste of that African cuisine. The restaurant also offers takeout, delivery and catering services to its clients.