We have helped brands get into the position they desire from our marketing and PR services. Below are some of the brands we have helped in the beauty industry


From the cosmetics they create to their consumers’ beauty routines, Phoina Beauty always aims to optimize. So when it came to their marketing tactics, the brand sought out a strategic makeover with functionality at the forefront of their focus. Their goal was to build awareness across the marketing industry. Therefore, Phoina Beauty approached Eminent Media Inc. to help them achieve this. Eminent Media Inc. wanted to raise awareness of Phoina Beauty and their best-selling beauty products, reach new audiences and drive conversion. Eminent Media Inc. with a range of audience were chosen by Phoina Beauty to deliver on its audience and engagement in the marketing industry.


Skin and Beauty has become a part of the universe today. No one wants to be left out of the basket of that smooth, pimple-free skin or not being able to know how they can make that breaking skin get back to that soft, beautiful skin they had before. All these are done with the help of the world of cosmetics.
To help you achieve this, the Sepe Cosmetic Institute is here to hold the hands of their students who attend the institute with different motives of achieving success in different courses offered by the institute. From Manicure and Pedicure course + Startup Kit, Eyelash extension course + Startup Kit, Botox and Filler theory, all these are offered by industry experts, who offer students the latest top skills, and every student is given the freedom to learn at their own pace for great results and above all, any student can learn from anywhere in the world through our online classes. Who wouldn’t want that?


Beauty enthusiasts enjoy shopping for and using beauty products formulated for their needs. They navigate a beauty course to discover what works for her. From the skin, to hair, to nails, they always aim at having a product they like that can fulfill the beauty needs not only for them, but also the needs of their clients.
Didi’s Studio has come out to see the fulfillment of its clients to ensure their perfection when they step out into the crowd for an event or even for work. As Eminent Media Inc., we stepped forward to ensure that DIDI’S Studio stood out in the world of fashion & beauty through marketing ways that would have Didi’s Studio gain more clients.