Behind every great brand, there is brand reputation monitoring. There is always a need to monitor your brand reputation and other relevant information that might impact your brand. It is then you can measure the real impact that online presence has on your brand reputation which will then help you to transform those inputs into actionable steps.

Eminentmediainc comprehensive reputation monitoring service helps to tracks all mentions of your brand on social media and across the web to ensure the best coverage possible. Unlike most online reputation monitoring firms, Eminentmediainc provides you both real-time and historical data each step of the way.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Business Reputation Management is becoming increasingly important in this fast-growing age where companies are constantly innovating, growing, and increasing competition. In this digital world, people often turn to search engines to learn about businesses and in fact, about 94% of consumers research businesses before making decisions to purchase.

The most important determinant factor whether a customer/client will choose you among other competitors is your Online Reputation. And that’s a company’s online image which is the first point of attraction when considering a new product or service. So we can say that online reputation helps consumers shortcut their research and make decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  • Positive or negative Google reviews or other major review sites
  • Information on industry specific review sites
  • Facebook reviews
  • Online mentions
  • Items in news media
  • Positive comments and negative comments on social media

Online mentions

Positive comments and negative comments on social media

Positive or negative Google reviews or other major review sites

Items in news media

Facebook reviews

Information on industry specific review sites

With easily accessibility of the internet through mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and home computers, customers can easily make research before they decide to buy anything. So, if your business is not well-ranked in search results or negative information & feedback are seen about your brand, your online presence can be damaged, potentially result in losing sales and create erosion of trust between you and consumers.

Brand Reputation Management with Monitoring

As it’s known that online reputation management has to do with a set of strategies created to influence your online dominance in the digital environment, but not all online reputation management companies offer reputation monitoring, and this has been a valuable addition to our customer-oriented services at Eminentmediainc.

Hope you remember how much you worked hard to create your customers’ interest to share their thoughts and opinions online? Well, but it’s important to keep in mind that 96% of online conversations about a brand happens outside official brand channels. For brands that don’t take any approach to brand reputation monitoring, that means they won’t be aware of their brand reputation if they’re not tagged. Brand reputation monitoring enables brands to be conversant with every single brand mention, no matter the source. It’s then, they can react to it either to acknowledge the mention or engage with the author.

Real-time reputation monitoring

Our online monitoring tool runs effectively every day to provide 24/7, real-time coverage of your business on social networks, news, blogs, forums, review sites, and more. This online tech tool provides in-depth analysis of emerging reputational threats in the online environment. In fact, Brand Reputation Monitoring is easier than ever before with automated email notifications incorporated in our reputation management tools which makes your coverage available whenever you need it.

Robust analytics

There are metrics such as Sentiment Analysis tools, Topic Clouds, Mention Maps, and other Analytics tools used by Eminentmediainc that provide a detailed picture of your company’s digital presence thereby making it easy to manage your brand’s footprint than ever before. Not only your online presence, but our tool also gives a clear picture of the threats your online reputation may now and in the future. This detailed analysis gives our experts best insights about your business need above others, which helps to produce the results you deserve.

Monitor your brand, search rank, name or any keyword on the web.

Our reputation monitoring platform tracks your business, your brand reputation, and your keywords across different sources, including:

Search Pages

Eminentmediainc tool crawls through Google search pages and other websites for all mentions of your brand online. Results on search engine are a fundamental component of your online reputation. That’s why we monitor these results constantly to spot issues before they can cause


Eminentmediainc reputation monitoring service helps to monitor twitter posts, retweets, and replies, for all mentions of your brand with and without a Twitter account. Twitter and other social media outlets are followed by millions of potential customers, which makes relevant mentions have a major impact on your brand reputation.


We offer reputation monitoring services of all posts on Facebook including tagged and untagged mentions. With the facebook monitoring services provided by Emimentmedia, we give you the chance to control and track your presence & dominance on Facebook and many other platforms.


On Instagram platform, we search all posts for tagged and untagged keywords, including hashtags that mentions your brand. Combining all the mentions, that can represent thousands or millions of potential customers. Our monitoring tool scrapes these mentions for relevance and customer sentiment.


Our advanced software searches YouTube for all existing brand mentions in video descriptions, comment sections, video titles, and more. Many of the biggest influencers use YouTube every day, so they can always give your reputation a boost or damaging it with negative mentions.

Blogs & forums

With the help of our advanced tech, we dig deep to track all brand mentions on blog posts, pages and forums throughout the internet. Further, we can also prioritize important blogs to highlight new mentions of your business as soon as they go live. This as well will help build your brand reputation.


Our reputation monitoring tracking tool allows you to monitor and track all Reddit posts and comments for your name or business, ensuring you stay connected and a step ahead of the conversation.

News coverage

At Emimentmediainc, we constantly access all major news sites and platforms to see any that have your brand mentions, which allows you to improve bad press releases/coverage and promote good news as soon as it goes online. This contributes more to your brand reputation, allowing you to improve brand awareness and positive online mentions.

Competitive analysis

Competitors Monitoring in search results and performance analysis and top social media platforms lets you easily scale up and benchmark your brand presence because you’ll be able to track your reputation progress against your top rivals.

Relevant Results for Your Brand's Online Presence

We constantly improve our search tactics to achieve your brand relevance, real-time results on both big and lesser-known social media platforms and news sites. Our reputation management tools have grown to provide new functionality and new monitoring solutions, giving you granular insight into your position in the online world while meeting up with current & latest trends.

Online Reputation Management Solutions by Eminentmediainc

As a business strategy that produces real results, brand reputation monitoring can improve your online visibility and help you to control public perception of your own brand. Our team of experts use the best tech solutions and latest media monitoring tools to search the web, allowing us to spot emerging threats to your online reputation before they can cause harm to your business.

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