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While for many designers all they look forward to is to make you look good, Lenesia Brown chose to make it a bit different. Lenesia, who is the CEO of Berlenrosee, had a dream to merge her passion of fashion and positive vibes and took action. She therefore started the clothing brand Berlenrosee with an aim to inspire, uplift, motivate and definitely clothe her customers in awesome style. Berlenrosee works tirelessly to ensure that her product and brand is of the highest quality. She prides herself on being meticulous and it comes across in how she has established, promoted and launched Berlenrosee. She also intends to not only integrate fashion and style with inspiration and motivation, but to promote God’s goodness.

Eminent Media Inc. being a company that offers its clients with various services to see the brand grow, it also took it upon itself to ensure the growth of the brand Berlenrosee, to see that one of its aims which was to spread the positivity of God while making its customers look nice in clothes that were branded with BerlenRosee’s logo. Some of the clothes under BerlenRosee’s brand include T-shirts, Hoodies, Hoodie Sets and Women Hoodies. Below are some of the services that Eminent Media Inc. offered to Berlenrosee:

Services Provided

Logo Design

As many as may have noticed, we are responsible for the designing and creation of logos for most of our clients. This is to ensure they are outstanding in the marketing world as well as make them different from competitors who are dealing in the same products. Eminent Media Inc. used the first two letters of her names to create the logo, which was to be placed on the clothing and her website.

Website Design

As a marketer and a brand of her own, BerlenRosee required a spot where she would be known more by the outside world and this is where Eminent Media Inc. came in to design and create her website that reflected who she is, as well as the various fashion designs that have her logo and God’s message of love and care. Through the website, one can also make an order of whichever product they need from BerlenRosee’s brand, also track the order which they made from the website. The website also contains information on BerlenRosee’s social media sites; Facebook and Instagram, as well as information on which payment services her customers can use to do payments on the items bought.

Social Media Management

The greatest asset that a fashion brand has is visual appearance. To connect with your audience, you have to be visually represented. Based on that you can start creating your social media marketing strategy through various ways. Eminent Media Inc. came through to manage Berlenrosee’s social media through using the power of Instagram and dominate hashtags, Marketing and managing her brand on Facebook.

The Outcome

Berlenrosee has been able to increase on the number of sales across the world as her customers can also do shipping of her stuff and has also received a huge following on her social media that loves her passion in fashion and the word of God.

Roselene Ngahu
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