The Challenge

Benjamin Onyango Called on Eminent Media Inc to handle his PR Marketing and Communication of his brand. Most African American actors and Influencers are challenged with getting their works spread out and known not only where they come from but also in other parts of the world. A great Kenyan born Hollywood actor, Benjamin Onyango needed his brand to resonate through his target Market worldwide but more so in Riverwood which is his home and also associated with the Kenyan Film making industry as he was making a home coming.

The Barrier

Being an actor who has been dealing with Hollywood over the years, it was a challenge how he would get to grow his brand in Kenya since Riverwood is the main dealer in the Kenyan film industry.

Our Approach

Eminent Media Inc worked on Benjamin Onyango’s brand through managing his Brand that not only helped in promoting him as a brand but as well as resonating with his Kenyan fans. To create awareness about Brand Benjamin Onyango and his homecoming , Eminent Media Inc planned tours at various Radio, Tv stations and bloggers to be able to amplify his brand. Eminent Media Inc also collaborated Benjamin Onyango with Joyce Maina, a Kenyan actress for an acting forum at the Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre to be able to nurture acting talents. 

We also partnered Benjamin Onyango with speakers from the Netherlands as well as Robert Burale, and created a workshop dubbed, “Tell Your Story” at the Mombasa Polytechnic where apart from sharing ideas about the acting industry with the youth, they were also encouraged to have a life purpose as the speakers shared their life stories with them.

Social Media Campaigns

Eminent Media Inc works with Brand on a monthly basis to create branded content for Benjamin Onyango’s social channels to bring awareness. These branded posts have resulted in increased traffic to the Brands landing page. EMI also gave content top bloggers to amplify the brands campaign on brands visibility.

The Results

Eminent Media Inc is honored to contribute to the growing success of the Brand partnership. Media relations, event marketing, video activation and social media campaigns all worked together to generate nationwide awareness and contributions for Benjamin Onyango Brand and Partnerships with brands as Kenya Film Commission, Amor Wine, and Safaricom. His interviews also acted as an encouraging zone for upcoming artists in Riverwood as well as those who were already in the industry to aim for greater heights.

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