Anne Mwaura is a media personality, a radio presenter at Capital FM Kenya’s show, ‘The Fuse”. She is also a voice over actress, TV Presenter, a professionally trained stage actor with a passion for acting. Since the age of 10 she performed in Grease, Bugsy Malone, The money that made him poor, Adrian Mole 13 ¾ and 4.48 Psychosis to name a few. She then tried her hand in TV with the popular web series turn TV show, The Yard. Anne Mwaura has as well been a lifestyle journalist specializing in mental health, beauty, food, and luxury travel. She has attended relevant events and created a strong list and complied with industry and ethical journalistic guidelines.

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“I’m not only a radio, and television presenter but a lifestyle journalist trained in the performing arts (major in acting/theatre). I like to describe myself, as a fun and outgoing person who always want to spread a little joy, sunshine and colour to everyone I meet,” says Ms Mwaura in one of the many interviews she has been involved in.


Eminent Media Inc. is a family of professionals formed with passionate and dedicated thoughts, dreams and determination. We have a vision to offer startups and enterprises the opportunity to take their brands to a new height with something unique. Following this vision, we came out to help Anne Mwaura, a brand name in the media industry through various ways so as to grow her name as a brand in the media industry through the following ways:

Logo Creation

When on a mission to create a successful brand, one of the key factors that you need to take into account is your logo. Creating your logo may not be top of your agenda, however, it’s an integral component of making your brand successful. Alongside positive referrals and high-quality products, your logo can be a great way to make a strong first impression, helping to boost your customer and client base.

The logo creates a great first impression, gets you as a brand recognized, fosters brand loyalty, and builds trust, all of these were our aims as Eminent Media Inc. to achieve for Anne Mwaura through designing a simple, unique, eye-catching logo for Anne Mwaura which is on her business card, website, notepad, and defines her as a brand.

Website Design & Development

Eminent Media Inc. worked with Anne Mwaura in the creation of her website, where she could share her story and more information about her major interest in the media world, her acting life, as well as her social life. It is on the website where her followers could also get to know more about her career in the world of entrepreneurship, media, brand influencer.

Social Media Marketing

Eminent Media Inc. worked with Anne Mwaura in the creation of her website, where she could share her story and more information about her life story about her media career in Radio and TV, Media Management Consultancy Anne to offer corporate voice and media training as well as general radio and TV Q&A preparation. She managed to organically gain 20,000 followers in 3 months and wants to show fellow media personalities how, as well as seek for support from her followers against this.

She has done this through her facebook, Insagram, YouTube, Twitter, and her personal website, all which were managed by eminent Media Inc.

Media Coverage

Brands Influenced By Ann Mwaura

A brand influencer is an individual who leverages his/her social media prowess to authentically engage and connect audiences and brands—meaning a social media influencer partners with a brand to create sponsored content.

In the age of social media, consumers are no longer solely at the mercy of blatant, unnatural, and suspicious advertising. Consumers have instead taken to social media to build vast networks of peers whose opinions they trust, value, and share. Whereas brands used to dictate what they were in the eyes of consumers, consumers now define brands. This colossal shift in power from brands to consumers has led brands to adopt new strategies that harness this resounding word-of-mouth model influencer marketing.

Various brands approached Anne Mwaura as a big name in the media industry and with the trust that she would help them reach out to a greater target audience in the marketing world and have those who are their customers continue to trust them. Some of these brands are as seen below;

The Outcome

Through the effort put in place by Eminent Media Inc., Anne Mwaura as a brand has grown as she has gained more followers through Eminent Media Inc.’s marketing strategies of her as a brand.

“It’s been a labor of love but FINALLY we’re at the finish line. Thank you so much to @eminentmediainc for doing so much of the heavy lifting and pushing me to not only create a brand I can be proud of but platform that’s better than I could have imagined,” Anne Mwaura’s quote from one of her social media posts on her Instagram page.

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Here's the team that worked to build Anne Mwaura to a renown brand in the media Industry.




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