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Afraflix is an online streaming service for the purpose of streaming African content worldwide. Under Afraflix you can stream not only unlimited Nollywood Blockbuster Movies, but African films from Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Jamaica, Kenya, and from everywhere there is an African Filmmaker with stories on your laptop, phone, tablet and TV, anywhere and anytime.

The Challenge

Afraflix has a portfolio of strong brands, amongst them Netflix. The Afro media giant came to The Drum to find a creative, nimble agency to work on the polishing of the African movies narrative in and beyond the African continent. Working to compressed timescales and budgets, Afraflix needed a creative shop that would help generate and buzz about its presence and attract more lovers of the African movies and names in the movies.

So how did Eminent Media Inc. come through to ensure Afraflix gets to have its desires fulfilled? Market Consultation, Brand Consultation and Web design were some of the things we took care of as a marketing company.

Brand Consultancy

Eminent Media Inc. as a brand consultant provided analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise for Afraflix to market their products. As brand strategists, we transformed the company into a powerhouse through market analysis, content marketing, website audit, keyword research and video services that turned the brand into a powerhouse.

Marketing Consultation

Eminent Media Inc. played the marketing consultant’s role of examining Afraflix’s current marketing strategy and helped in creating new marketing strategies and executing the strategies so as to help the brand thrive.

Eminent Media Inc. as marketing consultants used their expertise and knowledge of marketing to help Afraflix as a company to create and execute marketing strategies. We helped in formulating or creating a marketing message, formulating a plan for marketing campaigns, and deciding which channels to use to reach the target audience. After the campaign is put into action, we were also responsible for monitoring its success, making any necessary edits, and ensuring that it produces the desired effect or outcome as the client had asked for.

Web Design

From functionality, appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. Web developers and designers must work together to produce websites that will be located by search engines and engage customers or the target audience. Eminent Media Inc. came in handy in helping Afraflix in the designing of its website layout through various elements like visual hierarchy, graphics, navigation, color, among many other elements which were to be considered in the web designing.

The Outcome

Eminent Media Inc.’s marketing strategies saw a shoot in the streaming of content via Afraflix by over 48% in a few months, this means more African content was being produced and being streamed, as well as encouraging more talented Africans to come out and showcase what they have.



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